Can Goldfish Eat Oatmeal? (Yes + 27 Other Recommendations!)

Whether you are a proud owner of these little golden fish, or you are thinking of getting them to liven up your room, or you want to get a pet best friend – the question that you would eventually ask yourself is: 

“What do I feed my fish?”

“Can goldfish eat oatmeal?”

You can buy fish food and nutrition serums specially designed to provide extra nutrients for your fish. Goldfish have special food as they have weak immune systems. However, you might still be curious about the feeding options you have available. 

Having a fish for a pet doesn’t necessarily mean that they are low on maintenance. That is why you will hear many ridiculous theories from your friends or family about feeding them things that can even kill them.

can goldfish eat oatmeal
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But if you hear someone suggest that you feed them oatmeal, you should take them up on it.

Yes, goldfish can eat oatmeal and have been known to love it.

Why Is It Good for Your Goldfish?

If you haven’t heard of oatmeal in general and just think of it as dry flakes, it is time you learn that those dry flakes aren’t just rusk and flakes. Oatmeal is a very nutritious rough flour made from oat grains.

Naturally, oats have elasticity in them and are very filling and beneficial both for humans and fish.

can goldfish eat oatmeal
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Many cattle farmers use oats for their cows as a major meal option. It helps them to grow stronger and provide more milk and meat. Similarly, oatmeal can prove to be a very nutritional food option for your goldfish.

It can provide the nutrition required for them to grow and live a long, healthy life. 

Fish also really seem to love eating them. Many breeders incorporate oatmeal in their made-at-home fish food to help prolong their lifespan and body weight.

Years back, people and especially fish breeders and aquarium owners believed that feeding young hatched fish oatmeal alongside some worms could benefit them. They reasoned that it would let the fish’s body develop in a stout and round shape.

Still, you should not just dump a bag of oatmeal in your fishbowl. There is a specific method to feed goldfish oatmeal.

How Should You Feed It To Your Goldfish?

Without a doubt, oatmeal is very healthy and nutritional food for your goldfish. However, it’s essential to know the method and amount to give.

You should provide oatmeal to goldfish along with some other healthy things for them, such as:

  • brine shrimp
  • powdered worms
  • Tetra Gold Japan.

Many online experts also recommend feeding them algae as it is a beneficial food. It is something that they really like to eat in their natural habitat. 

While oatmeal is a very good thing for your goldfish to eat, this should not be their sole source of food and nutrients.

When you feed your goldfish with oatmeal, you will see their enthusiasm. However, it’s best if you give it to them as a healthy snack.

Various aquarium owners and fish breeders use soaked oatmeal to make their fish strong and healthy. Still, you should be very careful while giving them oatmeal. 

Make sure that it is in very minute pieces so that you can prevent the goldfish from dying due to food blockage or overfeeding.

Fruits/Vegetables You Can Feed Your Goldfish

You can utilize this chart below to see what kind of fruits or veggies can be fed to your goldfish.

Cucumber SlicesBanana
Sweet PotatoesRaspberries
Lima Beans

Can Goldfish Eat Oatmeal: FAQ

Here are common questions when it comes to goldfish eating oatmeal. If you have any questions that aren’t on this list, comment below and I’ll answer it.

What do you feed a goldfish if you have no fish food?

Vegetables are actually fantastic for fish. Goldfish owners can boil or even microwave leafy veggies like lettuce and also green spinach, and even peas and garlic for a handful of secs, relaxing the carbohydrate in the tissue wall surfaces of the vegetations. After the veggies cool down, they may be supplied to the goldfish.

Can goldfish eat cheerios?

It’s been mentioned that goldfish do in fact love cheerios. According to, they love Honey Nut Cheerios!

Can goldfish eat bananas?

According to, you can feed your goldfish bananas. It’s recommended that you boil any vegetables and peel the fruits before giving it to your goldfish in the aquarium.

Is banana good for fish?

Bananas can be quite beneficial to your fish when it comes to fresh meals. Unfortunately, they decompose much quicker than other fruits.

What fruit can goldfish eat?

The fruits that goldfish can eat are mangoes, pears, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, apple, corn, watermelon, oranges, or grapes. Try not to overfeed your goldfish with fruits and make it a normal thing.

Can goldfish eat cucumber?

You can definitely feed your goldfish cucumbers but try not to create a habit out of it. If you’re feeding your goldfish cucumbers, try to chop it up into small pieces before placing it into your goldfish tank.

Do fish eat rice?

Rice is another great meal that the majority of aquarium fish love. Before feeding your fish, make sure that the rice is boiled and soft.

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While getting a goldfish as a pet may seem a very normal and tame thing to do, you should be putting thought and effort into ensuring that what you are feeding them with is good for them. It should also be something they actually enjoy eating.

Having a goldfish as a pet is a common thing nowadays. As a result, you might find people keen to give you all sorts of advice and ideas. However, if someone says oatmeal is harmful, you now know that isn’t the case.

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