What To Do With Old Fish Tanks: 5 Useful Things!

Everyone has that old fish tank from ages ago stashed up in their garage. If you are like everyone else and have no idea what to do with it, there is no need to worry. We will guide you toward what to do with it. An old fish tank is like an empty canvas, and you need the right directions on what to do with it.

Best Things To Do

Herb Garden

There are two ways of doing this. This first is by repurposing the fish tank and adding soil to make a traditional herb garden. The second method is aquaponics.

If you are going with the first method, you first need to clean your tank and clean it thoroughly. You can do this by spraying a cleaning solution on it, leaving it for some time, then rinsing and drying it. After you’ve done this, then proceed by adding the appropriate amount of soil. After that, you just have to plant the seeds and use a label to locate each type of seed. Then, just regularly water it and use fertilizer so that the plants get the right amount of nutrients.

The second method of aquaponics entails that you keep your tank as a fish tank. This is a combination of keeping fish and growing plants at the same time. Just add a small tray at the front of your tank where the plants will hopefully grow in clay pebbles. The water inside the tank will provide the nutrients, and the plants will decontaminate the water simultaneously. The fish waste will also help in fertilizing the plants, allowing them to grow and thrive. Either way, you’ll get yourself a new herb garden for your culinary needs.


This is an enjoyable project. All you need is a pen for the outline, mosaic tiles, and paper. First, you need to clean your tank. After you’ve done that, proceed to trace your preferred scene onto a piece of paper. Stick that paper in the tank so you can trace the drawing from the outside.

Cut the mosaic pieces and stick them into the outline. After that, you just have to place some fairy lights or light sources inside the tank. This will illuminate the beautiful mosaic and convert the tank into a beautiful masterpiece.

Just Sell It

If you don’t want to do a DIY project and feel like the fish tank is just collecting dust, you should sell it. You’ll make some money out of it, and the tank will go to a person that might need it more than you. So, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Reuse It

Why not just reuse the fish tank and use it for its intended purpose again? First, wipe down the tank to remove general debris, then spray either a dash of vinegar or a bleach solution onto the tank. After leaving the solution on it, rinse and dry it. Then you can use your old fish tank for your fish once again.

Display Cabinet

If you have something in your possession that you want to show the world, then clean your fish tank, line the bottom with felt, and put a stand and your desired item on the inside. Then, cover the tank with a stylish wooden lid with a light installed to showcase the item inside the ex-fish tank.


All in all, if you have an old fish tank lying around, you should look into repurposing it instead of it just collecting dust. Hopefully, you have gotten an idea of what to do with your old fish tank with the help of our great options.

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