How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank In 9 Steps!

Bettas are adorable little creatures and are the perfect fish for anyone to keep. They can live happily in small bowls or tanks, so they do not require large spaces for their survival. These low-maintenance fish also do not need any aerated tanks because they consume gulps of air. Thus, bettas make the perfect aquatic companions due to their easy maintenance and simple tank cleaning process. In this article, you will find all the info on how to clean a betta fish tank effectively.

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How To Clean a Betta Fish Tank

Cleaning a betta’s tank is a straightforward enough process, and you will complete it in no time. However, you must be gentle with your betta and thorough in your cleaning to successfully conduct this task.

Grab All the Necessary Tools

First, you need to ensure you have everything you need to conduct a successful cleaning like a cup or fishnet, a water conditioner, a big bowl, and a plastic spoon.

Wash Those Hands

Before you dive into the tank, your hands must be clean. You cannot touch your tank water with unwashed hands because it will affect the water. You could accidentally introduce germs into the betta’s tank. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, and you must check that no soap residue is left.

Start Taking the Tank Water Out

Next comes the water change, and you need to shut down all filters, heaters, and lights and unplug the tank. With the cup, start scooping water near the top of the tank until you get nearly 50% of the water out. Set this water aside because it will be going back later.

Bring the Betta Out

Once you scoop out a generous amount of water, gently use the fishnet to get the betta out of the tank and into the bowl. Be extra cautious of your betta’s delicate fins.

Take Decor and Plants Out

In the cleaning process, making sure your keep the ornaments and plants clean is crucial. Carefully take out any plants and any tank ornaments and set them aside.

Drain Out the Remaining Water

With everything out, pour out the remaining water and be careful to leave any gravel you have at the bottom of the tank.

Clean the Tank, Gravel, and Ornaments

Take your tank under the sink faucet and begin to rinse the tank’s gravel and walls with warm water. Utilize a tank scrubber to make sure you rub and scrub the tank thoroughly. With your hands, sift through the gravel and rinse it out. Next, rinse and scrub the tank’s ornaments with hot water, and make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies, so you do not miss any dirt or waste on them.

Put Things Back and Refill

Once you clean the tank, gravel, and decorations, put the plants and decor back in the fish tank. After you place everything in its position, gradually refill the tank with tap water and then add back the tank water you took out earlier. While refilling, take caution in not disturbing the plants or gravel. Grab a plastic spoon and mix it in the water conditioner.

Bring Your Betta Back

Before you reintroduce your betta to the tank, you must wait for the water to reach room temperature. This is a crucial step, so you must not be hasty. Then, gently transfer your betta into the freshly cleaned tank, and voila!

Final Words

Keeping the fish tank clean and frequently changing the water will help your betta live longer and happier. Although bettas are not demanding creatures, they still require essential maintenance to thrive. As a pet owner, you must see these needs responsibly.

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