Vivarium Community Resources Compiled Into One BIG List!

I wanted to help vivarium fans around the world by compiling a list of all resources all into one page. There are many great communities and blogs out there that are filled with great knowledge.

This vivarium resource page will help by placing them all into one and will hopefully help you find what you’re searching for. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below and I will add it to help other vivarium lovers in the future. 🙂

I will constantly update this page every day.

Tip: Before joining any community, read the rules before posting. When you join a community, you shoud not spam, be sure to help each other out, and improve your community for the betterment of its future.

Vivarium Subreddits

Note: I’m adding only communities that I think are active because I want you to have a great experience and not waste your time! 🙂

  • Subreddit PlantedTank (Members: 142,000+) – Community for aquatic flora and fauna lovers.
  • Subreddit AquaSwap Marketplace (Members: 33,700+) – Marketplace for owners of aquatic creatures/things.
  • Subreddit Terrariums (Members: 76,300+) – Another community for terrarium owners with information, cool pictures, and questions.
  • Subreddit Jarrariums (Members: 70,500+) – Vivarium community that grows their ecosystem in a jar!
  • Subreddit Aquariums (Members: 288,000+) – Aquarium community for discussion and posting images related to the topic.
  • Subreddit BettaFish (Members: 97,600+) – This subreddit is a great place to share and discuss beta fish!
  • Subreddit AquaticSnails (Members: 9,000+) – You can discuss aquatic snails on this subreddit.
  • Subreddit ReefTank (Members: 53,500+) – Another great place to discuss and share information about fish tanks.
  • Subreddit ShrimpTank (Members: 51,300+) – That’s right! You heard it. A subreddit where you can discuss and share knowledge about shrimps!
  • Subreddit AquariumMemes (Members: 9,800+) – Love memes? This is great to share memes related to anything aquatic.
  • Subreddit Axolotls (Members: 36,400+) – You can discuss anything related to the axolotl here on this subreddit.
  • Subreddit NanoTank (Members: 12,000+) – For people who love small aquatic or whatever is considered ‘nano.’
  • Subreddit GoldFish (Members: 13,400+) – A great place to discuss goldfish with people around the world.
  • Subreddit Ponds (Members: 11,100+) – Discuss anything pond-related and the journey of making ponds.
  • Subreddit Crayfish (Members: 4,800+) – Another subreddit where you can discuss the topic of crayfish. (crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs)
  • Subreddit Koi (Members: 10,300+) – A place where you can discuss and ask questions about Koi. You can share images of your Koi here.
  • Subreddit Triops (Members: 5,200+) – Discuss anything Triops-related here in this subreddit.
  • Subreddit Aquascape (Members: 39,300+) – Learn and discuss Aquascaping techniques here.
  • Subreddit Aquaponics (Members: 51,500+) – Here, you can discuss the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants.
  • Subreddit Snails (Members: 19,000+) – Are you a snail pet owner or planning to become one. This community can help and guide you.
  • Subreddit Gardening (Members: 2,600,000+) – Here, you can discuss anything gardening-related. Whether it’s for your terrarium or your aquarium, this is a huge community that you should check out.
  • Subreddit SavageGarden (Members: 100,000+) – Discuss carnivorous plants here.
  • Subreddit IndoorGarden (Members: 197,000+) – You can talk about growing and maintaining indoor plants.
  • Subreddit Vivarium (Members: 9,300+) – A subreddit for anything vivarium-related.

Vivarium Discord Community

  • Discord ReefTank (Members: 373+) – Chat with other reef tank owners from around the world via Discord.
  • Discord Ecosphere Community (Members: 211+) – Here you can discuss your ecosystem. There are channels for terrariums, aquariums, plants, and frogs/amphibians.
  • Discord The Refugium (Members: 137+) – Another Discord group with a community that discusses anything related to vivariums.

Vivarium Facebook Groups

Vivarium Informative Websites

  • – My website, of course. 🙂
  • – Information articles relating to flora, fauna, and terrarium. Learn about it here.
  • – Informative articles about anything related to vivariums.
  • – Live videos of frogs every Friday. Frog lover? Then you check this out.
  • – How-to articles and information about vivariums and frog-related stuff.
  • – Information related to reptiles. From bearded dragons to snakes, learn about it all.
  • – Informative articles about plant-related stuff and some could be useful for your terrarium.
  • – Guides and helpful information on running your vivariums.
  • – Not only just a shop, but this website explores a lot of information when it comes to running indoor plants and vivariums.
  • – This new website provides tutorials usually about building vivarium-related stuff.
  • – While this website isn’t really a blog but more like a shop, it has a lot of valuable information for owners.
  • – Here, you can read tutorials on building a healthy terrarium.
  • – Learn about reptiles and amphibian care here. You can get many useful tips.

Vivarium Forums

  • – Discuss anything that’s related to planted vivariums.
  • – Discuss greenhouses, terrariums, and bog gardens.
  • – While this forum isn’t fully about vivariums, I linked you to the vivarium section.
  • – This forum focuses primarily on frogs but occasionally, vivarium pops up.
  • – Mainly a place to discuss plants, but I linked you to terrarium topics.
  • – I took a look at the forum and there are topics from Aquascaping, aquariums, to other types of vivariums.
  • – The topics here mainly talks about reptiles. Information here could help improve your tank.

From VivariumTips,

To vivarium lovers, I’m a new vivarium blogger hoping to spread valuable knowledge to all vivarium enthusiasts. I hope that you find something valuable in this list of resources. I’m looking forward to being a part of vivarium communities and meeting everyone there. If you have any communities of your own, feel free to comment below and I will add it to the list to help future readers.

The best way to support me as a blogger is to simply share any articles on here. 🙂 Have a great day!