Do Guppies Need Air And Oxygen?

For guppy enthusiasts, owning an air pump for oxygen is a definite must if your aquarium water flow is low.

In response to “Do Guppies Need Air And Oxygen,” the answer is quite clear that they do in fact need it.

If they are lacking water flow, this will lead to a lack of oxygen.

In this guide, I’ll cover the following:

  • signs your guppies are in need of more oxygen
  • how long can guppies live without oxygen
  • can guppies live without an air pump
  • can guppies live without an oxygen pump

Signs of Low Oxygen For Your Guppies

When your guppies are in need of oxygen, you can tell by the following signs:

Guppies will swim less.

When there is a drop in oxygen, your guppies will swim less. The further the level of oxygen drops, the more their swimming behavior changes.

Guppies will consume less food.

With a lack of oxygen, your guppies will struggle and consume less amount of food.

They will gasp for oxygen.

Another sign that your guppies are struggling for oxygen is when they are gasping for oxygen. This will also lead them to have rapid gill movements.

Of course, you’re going to want to prevent this and do everything in your power to keep your beloved guppies alive.

That means that you’re going to need several things:

  • bigger aquarium if your aquarium is too small
  • more water flow, which means that you’re going to need an air/oxygen pump

How Many Guppies Per Gallon In An Aquarium?

According to, each and every guppy should have at least one gallon per guppy.

It’s recommended that guppies are kept in trios.

The blog also mentioned that when you’re raising trios, try to keep at least 4 gallons for the best results for your guppies.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on the things that you’ll need when your guppies are struggling.

What To Do When Your Guppies Are Struggling For Air/Oxygen?

When your guppies are struggling for oxygen or air, you should immediately take action.

The actions that you should take are:

  • find a bigger aquarium if you don’t have one
  • buy an air pump or oxygen pump

Buying An Air Pump / Oxygen Pump

If your gallon to guppy size is perfect, then your next focus should be acquiring an oxygen pump.

You should immediately head to the nearest pet store and find an oxygen pump most compatible with your guppy tank.

Stores that you can find them at:

  • Petco
  • PetSmart

If these stores aren’t in your location, try to find a local place.

I wouldn’t recommend you buying them online since it can take days to deliver and your guppies will not likely make it until then.

The only time I would tell you to buy online is if it’s your local marketplace since you can pick up your items as soon as possible.

You can maybe find an oxygen pump by going on:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

Try to browse and find any oxygen pump if you’re unable to purchase at a local pet or if there aren’t any nearby.

Do Guppies Need Air And Oxygen: FAQ

Here are common questions related to guppies and oxygen/air to help improve the livelihood of your aquarium.

What does a guppy need to survive?

You should get a water filter, a heating system as well as a spacious enough tank is actually the bare minimum required you need to do for your guppy fish but offering all of them a habitation that ideal resembles their habitation in the bush is the greatest means to keep all of your guppies well-balanced and content.

Can guppies live in a bowl without a filter?

You can keep your guppies in a bowl without a filter due to the fact that guppies do not produce as much waste when compared to other aquarium species. It is still not recommended and you should definitely get a filter to keep your guppy alive and well.

How do I check the oxygen level in my fish tank?

The most effective technique to examine the volume of liquified air in your aquarium tank’s water is actually with an oxygen meter. After adjusting the meter, you can easily position a probe into the tank water, and review the end results on the electronic display screen.

Why do guppies die so easily?

A well-known factor for guppies passing away in your aquarium tank is actually unsatisfactory water quality. Putting too cozy or as well as cold water in your fish tank will lead to the death of your guppy fish.

Can guppies live in a jar?

You shouldn’t leave your guppies inside of a jar. Keep in mind that the proper guppy-to-gallon is one gallon for every one guppy. A jar would be too small for a guppy, which can cause more harm than good. So no, don’t ever raise guppies inside of a jar!

Can guppies live without an air pump?

It’s been done. Guppies are able to live without an air pump only if your aquarium water contains a good amount of oxygen. You can test it out by purchasing an oxygen meter. If the oxygen level is low, then you’re likely going to need an air pump for your guppies to be able to survive.


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I urge you to pay attention to the behaviors of your guppies. By doing this, you can save the lives of your beloved aquarium.

Remember this:

  • Guppies will swim less.
  • Guppies will consume less food.
  • Guppies will gasp for oxygen and have rapid gill movement.

The solution is making sure you have the proper guppy-to-gallon tank size and an oxygen/air pump.

If this guide “Do Guppies Need Air And Oxygen,” helps you, then feel free to check out other aquarium-related articles: