Half Fish Half Frog Discovered From The Deep Sea!

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Half Fish Half Frog: What Happened in 2016?

In 2016, scientists in New Zealand discovered a very unique creature from the deep sea which they referred to as ” a fish with legs.”

A report said it was a strange hybrid between a frog and a fish however this strange creature died as soon as it was taken out of the water.

Many people thought it was just a “frogfish” however the Museum of New Zealand said they cannot confirm if it’s a specimen of frogfish or not unless tests are performed on the creature.

Did you know? 💡 The frogfish is a member of the antennariidae genus, which has fins on both sides of its body that have evolved to be leg-like.

They are also usually covered in very tiny spines in order to camouflage themselves in an easier and faster way and are generally found living on the seabed.

half fish half frog
Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

As The Museum of New Zealand noted, the frogfish’s mouth is able to open (underwater) at a speed that is almost equivalent to that of a flying bullet, therefore, they’re known to have an extremely powerful bite.

The History And Beginning

half fish half frog
Photo by Predra6_Photos on Pixabay

In earlier years, Miscellanea Curiosa (a medical journal) included a picture of the specimen which was for the most similar to fish including its head, body, tail, and fins.

However, for the rest of the body, legs, and haunches, it was similar to frogs.

It was concluded that if this specimen was real, it would be what scientists would call an “unequal hybrid conjoined twins” in that case, the legs would be considered “parasitic.”

Although many theories were written about this specimen, none were claimed due to the lack of testable specimens.

Scientists consider Georg Wolfgang Wedel’s report to be the most interesting out of all reports about this drawing. According to Wedel’s report, it was found at Gotha in Germany on August 25, 1682.

Discovery in 1891

On May 27th, 1891, it was reported that a four-legged fish was found, they described it to have the head and tail of a catfish and the legs of a frog.

This strange creature was caught with a hook by E.R. Jones as he was fishing in the pond of Lee Wyatt in the Dripping Springs in Kentucky.

half fish half frog
Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Eventually, Rev. J. F. Claycomb, pastor of the Presbyterian church decided it would be best to reserve this creature in a solution in a bottle.

Another frog-fish hybrid is described in a notice in the Bel Air, Maryland, newspaper The Aegis & Intelligencer.

It was reported to be around 3 inches long and with the same physical features as the other hybrid that was found earlier in Lee Wyatt pond.

11 years later, another one of these “freak” creatures has been discovered, in the sea-bottom in the Hawaiian Islands.

It was described to be “ a fish with skin, not scales, carrying in addition to a set of fins, four legs shaped like a frog’s toes and webs and all.”

Despite that, scientists concluded that the creature described in the Hawaiian Islands may just simply be a different kind of frogfish. 

It is still unknown whether there is a creature which is half frog and half fish, scientists will continue studying these theories and reports.

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