Exploring The List Of 5 Plants Safe For Fish Pond!

For fish pond owners, the thought of creating a better-looking pond often comes to mind. You might be wondering about the type of plants safe for fish ponds.

We will go over not only safe plants but plants that can be beneficial for your fish!

These plants safe for fish ponds are:

  • Water Hyacinth
  • Water Smartweed
  • Water Lotus
  • Water Lily
  • Horsetail

Introducing plants to fish ponds is essential for creating a balance in the pond ecosystem. They also absorb the excess nutrients from the pond water and assist in increasing the oxygen level.

They also look stunning.

However, you have to choose plants for your fish pond carefully. Some species are invasive and might take over the whole pond.

Why Add Plants?

Plants don’t just make your pond look pretty; they perform some very essential functions too. Some plant species are very good oxygenators.

They also provide shelter and food for many organisms in pods, including fish. 

By having plants in your fish pond, they can extract extra nutrients from the pond water, which can cause the growth of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria can be very toxic to fish.

By having plants in your pond, they can also provide shade and regulate the temperature in the pond. 

Try not to have too many pond plants because it can decrease the oxygen level for your fish!

Some plant species that are safe and suitable for fish ponds are listed below.

Water Hyacinth

This plant species floats freely on the water surface. They can grow in water that is shallow or several meters deep.

plants safe for fish pond

Additionally, they don’t require much care and can grow in extreme temperatures too.

Water hyacinth also produces blue and purple flowers that may attract other organisms, such as birds and bees. Some pond fish like Koi even like to eat them.

Water Smartweed

Smartweed is originally a water plant and likes to be submerged in water. But it is not very picky and can also grow as long as the water is moist. They grow in thick colonies and reach an impressive three feet in height.

However, some might consider them a nuisance because of this trait. 

Did you know?

Water smartweed is a very good oxygenator of water.

They are also excellent water purifiers and provide food to some birds and insect species. Those insects, in turn, can then be consumed by pond fish.

If you decide to use these plants in your pond, you may need to trim them once in a while to prevent the over-growth.

Water Lotus

Water lotuses are beautiful and popular aquatic floating plants. They are low-maintenance plants but require specific conditions for survival.

plants safe for fish pond

They do well in water with a temperature of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The water depth should ideally be 18 inches, and they prefer low humidity and about 5-hour sunlight daily.

Since they have big leaves, they will require a large space. If your pond is small, then you can use some dwarf lotus species.

Water Lily

These are also very popular floating aquatic plants. They require colder conditions and less sunlight. They are similar to water lotus but are smaller.

plants safe for fish pond

Moreover, they can grow in as little depth of water as six inches. They develop into beautiful and fragrant flowers, which adds to the beauty of your pond.

Pond fish can hide under the shade of its leaves and lay eggs. Occasionally, your fish might even feed on the roots and leaves of the water lily.


This plant has a history of millions of years. They grow along the borders of water or in shallow waters. 

plants safe for fish pond

They are excellent water filters, and they grow in tall segments. Additionally, they do not overtake other water plants and are not very competitive.

But if they do over-grow, you can easily remove them to prevent an overflow of the pond plants.

Another benefit for your fish is that they will sometimes utilize these plants as shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find commonly asked questions about plants safe for fish ponds here. If you can’t find a useful question, comment and we’ll answer it!

What are some plants to keep around the pond edge?

The plants you can keep around your pond edge to make it more beautiful are marsh marigold, spider lily, or Japanese water iris. According to homeguides.sfgate.com, these plants will make more pond appear much more colorful.

What other plants are good for a pond?

Thanks to the helpful information provided by aquascapeinc.com, the list of popular pond plants are:

  • Blue Iris
  • Mosaic Plant
  • Water Lettuce
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Taro
  • Horsetail
  • Pickerel
  • Creeping Jenny

Check out Aquascape Inc. for more information on these great recommendations!

Can too many pond plants kill fish?

Pond plants can be beneficial to your fish and create a healthier ecosystem, but having too many pond plants can also cause problems for your fish. If you have too many pond plants, it can decrease the oxygen level for your fish, which can kill them.

Should you remove dead fish from the pond?

Yes – you should definitely remove dead fish from your pond because it can increase the livelihood of your other fish. By not removing a dead fish, you increase the chances of algae bloom and other potential diseases.

From VivariumTips, 


Pond plants are a perfect means of water oxygenation. They also keep the water clean and provide many other benefits to the organisms living in it. Not to mention, they make the pond look attractive. Some plants have the potential of over-growing, though. In that case, you should keep an eye out for them and trim them as needed.

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