Do Cuban Tree Frogs Need Heat Lamps? Here’s a Hack!

Cuban tree frogs are definitely one-of-kind unique looking frogs! Before the spread of this creature, no one had a clue what they were or even the thought of being able to keep a Cuban tree frog as a pet.

Fortunately, that changed! Throughout the years, more and more pet owners are raising Cuban tree frogs. That means more people are looking for answers to maintain this frog species.

One common question I learned recently is about the Cuban tree frogs and heat lamps.

“Do Cuban tree frogs need heat lamps?”

In this article, you will learn about:

  • The origin of the Cuban tree frog.
  • Where these frogs populate now.
  • The temperature requirements.

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The Origin of The Cuban Tree Frog

Among the most important tree frogs within the world, Cuban tree frogs originate from Cuba. However, many of the owners let their frogs escape, making them now populate parts of Georgia and Florida and are considered invasive species.

Did you know? 💡 Male tree frogs are very loud during the mating season, usually, they give a sound that is sorted off similar to a dog’s bark.

These loud sounds will often last from May through September, many people don’t recommend keeping a male tree frog in your house during that time.

Despite that, Cuban tree frogs are fun to have.

The Crucial Part of Caring For Cuban Treen Frogs

One of the most generally crucial parts of taking care of Cuban tree frogs is the warmth of your tree frog’s area.

Often, various species need a steamy climate in their container, however other species usually hibernate through the winter season therefore some owners may find it difficult to decide whether they require heat lamps of not.

Heating Pads or Heating Lamps

Alternatively, owners may confuse heat lamps with heating pads since they both provide your Cuban tree frog’s area with warmth.

Advice: If the temperature is too low, you might need to consider getting a heat lamp otherwise, heating pads can fulfill the same purpose.

There’s an article I wrote about the 5 ways into heating a frog’s tank, you can check it out right below:

The Ideal Temperature

Since there are many different species of tree frogs, temperature requirements usually differ between the various types. For Cuban tree frogs, the ideal temperature for their environment would range from 78°F to 88°F (26°C to 31°C).

Checking the temperature of your frog’s terrarium is a crucial step to figuring out whether you need a heat lamp or not. People mostly recommend digital thermometers or hygrometer to get precise numbers.

Tip: Use a digital thermometer to get accurate results. Even when it’s a few degrees different, it can cause minor problems for the frog.

If you checked the temperature of the terrarium and decide that you need a heating device, the next step is deciding whether your frog requires a heating lamp or a heating pad.

Choosing Your Heating Product

There are several heat lamps types that you can choose from, however, you will have to be cautious since placing the lamp on the terrarium top may be a cause of some problems or difficulties.

Problem #1: One of these problems may because if you place the lamp on the lid it might hurt your frog’s feet.

Some tree frog owners prefer heat lamps that contain clamps or arms.

Once you get your heating lamp you can adjust the position to face the terrarium more if the temperature is too low or away if the temperature got too high, in order to not harm your tree frog.

Helpful Info: Cuban tree frogs can survive comfortably if the heat is turned off at night.

A suitable heat lamp for Cuban tree frogs will be around 60-80 watts, the power depends on your room’s temperature.

Regardless of whether a tree frog needs a heat light relies upon the prerequisites of the species and what the temperature requirements in their terrarium.

Reminder: Keep in mind that checking the humidity of your frog’s container is just as important as checking the temperature, that way you will able to keep track of which temperature-humidity ratio is best for your Cuban tree frog

From VivariumTips,

From all the species of frogs, I find that the Cuban tree frog is a pretty incredible creature. It’s amazing how it started spreading in the United States after being a few pet owners setting them to go.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to have these as pets.

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