Do Snakes Eat Frogs? (1,000+ People Are Asking)

As you already know, snakes are carnivores. But believe it or not, this question gets asked thousands of times per month from curious individuals around the world.

Do snakes eat frogs?

Yes, if snakes can spot a frog, they will take the opportunity and eat the frog.

There’s much more to this topic than you think.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article Do Snakes Eat Frogs:

  • the scientific and natural studies of amphibians
  • the cycle of life
  • if snakes are the biggest threat

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Scientific & Natural Studies

In recent times, scientific and natural studies have shown that there is a rapid decline in the population of amphibians across the world. 

Many people might ask the question “why does it matter?”

Chances are that most of them do not understand the consequences of amphibians being wiped out from the face of this earth. 

The population growth of amphibians comes at the expense of insects, and unless the amphibians are there, the unchecked growth of the population of insects will continue to create havoc in the lives of people.

However, just like the cycle of life, every animal has its predator. For frogs its normally snakes. You may have heard that wherever a frog goes, the snake is bound to follow.

This is simply because most of the snakes prefer frogs as a delectable snack rather than a competitor to their survival.

can snakes eat frogs
sipa | Pixabay

This is because frogs do not have any kind of escape mechanism that enables them to deter the onslaught of snakes in their habitat.

There are a few species like the poison dart frogs that are capable of killing snakes with the venom exuded by their skin, but they are only found in certain areas of the planet.

Are Snakes a Threat To Amphibians?

For the general frog population across the world, snakes are the biggest threat. After all, for snakes, it is just a small snack, and they have various ways of capturing the frog and eating it.

For the venomous snakes, it’s just a matter of biting the frog and waiting for it to die.

After the frog is dead which normally happens within a few minutes after the initial bite, the snake seeks out the dead frog with its heat sensors and eats it. Then it’s on to another snack because a single frog is only going to last it a day at the maximum.

For a large snake that has not been like a python, a frog can easily be killed by capturing it with its mouth and crushing it with its body.

The life is snuffed out of the frog within a couple of minutes, and after that, it is devoured by the snake. 

Either way, it is the snake that is going to win the battle between it and the frog. 

There is absolutely no way for the frog to win the battle unless it happens to be capable of jumping enormous distances like the Amazon tree frog.

Advantage Of Frogs

can snakes eat frogs
basilsmith | Pixabay

The Amazon tree frog has been known to jump from one tree to the other due to the massive webbing that they have on their feet which acts as gliders. It is a sight to behold, and worth preserving as a photograph.

Snakes cannot jump or leap such great distances, and therefore the Amazon tree frogs are not in their list of the most coveted species to consume.

In captivity, a snake would almost always devour a frog without any hesitation. After all, it is a small snack, and when being fed, a captive snake is not likely to throw any tantrums about the kind of food that it is being served.

asian pit viper
skeeze | Pixabay

The Asian pit viper is one of the largest, voracious eaters of frogs in the continent. They smell out the frog habitat pretty fast, and after that, it is a picnic for them. 

They consumed the eggs if they find, and they are also known to consume entire streams of tadpoles if they can get there on time.

A lot of snakes also follow the croaking of the frog to pinpoint the location of the frog. Of course, snakes have no hearing, but they can understand the disturbances created by the croaking of the frog in the air very easily.

This leads to faster movement of the snake to that location and its consumption of the frog after capturing it.

central america tadpoles

Some species of snakes in Central America has also resulted in the well-documented decline of amphibians in that part of the world simply because they are extremely voracious eaters of frogs and tadpoles.

Although there are other relatively smaller species to consume, frogs feature extremely high on the list due to the lack of in escaping the situation, and no counter defenses to prevent the snake from consuming them.

So what do you think? Can snakes eat frogs?

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Yes, snakes eat frogs since snakes are carnivorous creatures after all.

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