Myth or Fact – Can Dart Frogs Swim?

For people who have never owned dart frogs or seen one in their life, one dart frog question is up for debate.

Can dart frogs swim?

To give you peace of mind, dart frogs can in fact swim. The problem is – they don’t swim as well as you would think.

Dart frogs tend to get tired pretty easily.

What I’m about to tell you in this article will help your dart frog for the betterment of its future.

In this article “Can Dart Frogs Swim,” you will learn:

  • the importance of water for a dart frog
  • if dart frogs can suffocate in water
  • other helpful information about the dart frog

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Myth Vs. Facts: Dart Frogs Swimming

Throughout social media and forums, there are a lot of rumors claiming that dart frogs can/can’t swim.

The reality is – they can swim.

There are numerous rumors surrounding the idea of these frogs and this list is going to blow your mind.

Let’s go through each and every one of them.

Myth #1

All dart frogs are toxic and poisonous to humans.

That’s not true. Not all dart frogs are poisonous – at least not to humans. Only certain species of dart frogs are toxic.

While they are toxic, the toxins from certain dart frogs won’t harm humans.

Here’s an article the dart frogs that are toxic:

That doesn’t mean that you should go out and pick up random frogs that you see.

Don’t ever do this unless you can 100% identify the species!

When dart frogs are kept in captivity, the toxins on their body reduces. In the end, they can cause irritation but it’s not enough to harm a person.

Myth #2

Dart frogs cannot swim.

Wrong. To clear things up, dart frogs can in fact swim. While they’re not the greatest swimmers, dart frogs in the wild/captivity will often swim.

Compare to other frog species, they’re decent swimmers and can last in the water for a good amount of time.

Why Is Water Important For Dart Frogs?

While dart frogs prefer staying on dry land, having water as part of the ecosystem can be quite essential for them.

If you compare your frogs to dart frogs in the wild, they typically get a perfect blend of soil, trees, and water.

Since they’re adapted to this type of ecosystem, you should add similar conditions for your dart frogs.

The reason why having water in an ecosystem is so important is that it helps them when they’re in the process of breeding.

You might be thinking how often do dart frogs lay eggs, so here’s an article I wrote about this topic.

It’s important to keep in mind that dart frogs won’t be laying their eggs in the water, but generally areas close to the water that are moist/wet.

Once the eggs start to hatch, the water should make a great living space for your tadpoles!

Can Dart Frogs Die By Suffocating In Water?

According to a few reputable dart frog forums/communities, there have been stories of dart frogs not being able to survive underwater.

Don’t worry – it’s usually not a swimming issue.

The reason why these frogs couldn’t survive is generally due to them already being sick or having to deal with other health problems.

Dart Frogs And Water: Additional Info

If you don’t have water in your ecosystem tank for your dart frog, then you’re going to want to start.

Whether you have a riparium or paludarium, you should find out the perfect water level based on your tank size.

Since dart frogs utilize the water to swim in, you should note that they’ll need to come onto land from time to time.

So before making any purchases of dart frogs, plan your setup with an environment that can support both land and water.

Did you know? 

Since you’re creating a land and water ecosystem for your dart frog, you can also diversify by adding other creatures to co-exist. For example, you can add fish that are compatible with your frogs.

What animals can live in a paludarium?

You might want to check this out for additional ideas.

Another necessary addition to your tank (also known as paludarium) is creating a gentle/sloping slides for your dart frog to come out or back into the water.

If you don’t have this, your dart frog might struggle and deal with difficulties climbing back onto land.

For many dart frog owners, the general rule of thumb when it comes to water is adding it 1/4th of the way.

Now that your dart frog has water, treat it with love and care.

The myth of whether dart frog can swim or not has already been debunked ages ago.

This article will just help spread the words!

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Believe it or not, there are still people questioning whether dart frogs can swim or not.

It’s great to add a little knowledge when it comes to these things.

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