Are Dart Frogs Good Pets? – 10 Perfect Reasons!

For many paludarium enthusiasts, the idea of raising dart frogs can raise certain questions.

“Are dart frogs good pets and do they smell?”

First of all, dart frogs aren’t good pets. They are GREAT pets!

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In this article “Are Dart Frogs Good Pets,” you will learn:

  • the 12 reasons why they’re great pets
  • whether they’re toxic or not to humans

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Dart Frogs’ Brief Summary

When it comes to dart frogs, people have a preconceived notion that they are poisonous. Because of this reason, many people avoid having them as pets.

But we are going to break the myth about dart frogs.

Yes, dart frogs are indeed poisonous. They can kill several humans due to their high level of toxicity.

But, the ones kept in captivity as pets – they are pretty much harmless. It may seem contradictory, but there is a scientific explanation for their loss of toxicity in confinement.

The Toxicity of Dart Frogs

  • Reason for Toxicity: When they are in the wild, they feed on individual insects, which makes them toxic. It is mainly because of their diet.
  • Loss of Toxicity: But when you keep a wild dart frog in captivity and change their food, they will lose their toxicity in a few months.

In the end, the toxicity of dart frogs isn’t as harmful to humans. Other species might, but there are many good reasons why people keep dart frogs as pets.

Now, that you know they are harmless, there is nothing wrong in having them as a pet.

In fact, they make the perfect frog pet that you’ll eventually want them inside of your paludarium house.

To help you understand better, here are some reasons why they make an excellent pet.

Reasons Dart Frogs Can Make A Good Pet

Below is the list of reasons why dart frogs can make an excellent pet.

Reason #1: Dart Frogs Aren’t As Toxic As You Think

Dart frogs in captivity are non-toxic to humans. When you buy these frogs, there’s no need to worry about being harm by them. They’re generally safe!

Reason #2: Too Much Poop To Handle? Not With Dart Frogs

This is one of the best things about these frogs. When you keep them in your paludarium tank, you can let their waste to naturally decompose. Their poop size is pretty small compared to other pets.

Reason #3: The Vibrant Colors Of Dart Frogs

Darts frogs have naturally vibrant colors. They have exotic patterns on them which make up all the colors in a rainbow. They are magnificent and beautifully colored.

Reason #4: Your Schedule Is Their Schedule

Most of the pets are lazy and active and sleep all day long. But dart frogs have a diurnal habit. They adapt your pattern of living to stay awake when you are. They are active all the time.

Reason #5: Their Long Lifespan

When these frogs are kept in captivity, they can live up to 12 years

Reason #5: Caring For Dart Frogs Isn’t As Tough As You Think

These frogs are pretty easy to take care of. All they need is proper habitat and food. You don’t have to waste all your time on their maintenance. 

Reason #6: Feeding Your Dart Frog Is Inexpensive

Their food is very affordable. $10 worth food supply last them up to several weeks. You can give them a supplement from time to time to keep them healthy.

Reason #7: Simple Requirement

They only need a ten or 20-gallon tank area to live. You can easily keep them in your apartment.

Reason #8: Temperature

Dart frogs can live in a 72 to 82 degrees temperature. During the nighttime, when the temperature drops below 70 – your dart frog should still be fine. As long as the temperature doesn’t rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, your dart frog is good to go!

Reason #9: Dart Frogs Aren’t Destructive

They don’t spoil their habitat or the setup. They don’t dig the soil or chew the plants. Moreover, you don’t have to expect a huge mess raising dart frogs!

Reason #10: They Make Pleasant Calls

They will call you by making pleasant, chirping sounds. All these reasons make dart frog an ideal pet choice. You can keep them in your home or in classrooms to entertain the children.

What do you think? Do you think that dart frogs can make the perfect pet for you?

For paludarium owners, the idea of raising dart frogs in their tanks is much more common than you think.

Just remember – keep your frogs happy and you’ll be happy!

From VivariumTips,

In the end, dart frogs are actually great pets for paludarium owners.

 Remember to read up the responsibilities. You have to understand the needs of a dart frog. You shouldn’t be purchasing dart frogs without any prior knowledge of raising them.

What do you think? Are dart frogs good pets?

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