How Many Dart Frogs Can You Keep Together? Must-Read!

Believe it or not – raising dart frogs in your paludarium as pets are more common than you think. They’re cute, adorable, and calm creatures.

For new owners, it’s also common to start off with one dart frog – but is that a good thing? 

“Do dart frogs get lonely? How many dart frogs can you keep together?”

According to studies, it appears that dart frogs can be aggressive to one another, however, there is a way to work around that aggression.

In this article, “How Many Dart Frogs Can You Keep Together,” you will learn:

  • How dart frogs react to one another
  • What you should do if you’re planning on keeping more than one dart frogs together
  • Brief summary of their aggression
  • Rules to follow in order to prevent the aggression of dart frogs

I highly recommend that you read from beginning to end. Just in case you can’t – below is the table of content to help you navigate through this article faster.

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The Aggression of Dart Frogs

Nowadays, numerous pet owners are interested in keeping dart frogs as pets in their paludarium tanks. With the surge in popularity of having frogs as pets, new questions arise.

Is it possible to keep too little or too many dart frogs in the same paludarium tank?

I mean – they are pretty aggressive creatures after all.

Are There Any Solutions?

Dart frogs are aggressive towards one another but…

Did you know that there’s a way to work around the aggression?

In order to keep numerous dart frogs together, there are a few ground rules that need to be followed.

You’re going to have to follow these rules (I know, everyone hates rules!) to prevent the aggression between dart frogs.

Rules To Follow

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Feeding Dart Frogs Properly

In order to keep your dart frogs together, pet owners should feed them constantly, frogs tend to act out of character when hungry. 

Tip: Set a timer and make sure they’re well fed!

In the case of limited resources, many fights and aggressive encounters may occur between the dart frogs. Spreading food evenly is critical to keeping them apart and to maintain a peaceful environment for these little creatures.

Tip: There’s a possibility of dart frogs fighting with each other if they’re not evenly fed. You should make sure that they’re all fed and content.

Benefits of Raising Dart Frogs Together (Same Age)

You may want to consider raising your dart frogs together.

If you place a group of dart frogs in the same vivarium tank at the same age, they will help create a better environment between the frogs.

Add Visual Boundaries

Another rule that you will need to follow is that you should provide your group of dart frogs with numerous visual boundaries.  This will make the frogs avoid looking at each other for too long, which can help prevent their aggressive urges.

Helpful Tip: Whether they get the urge to fight or not, maintaining eye contact with one another may stress them out which will result in them not eating and eventually dying.

Visual barriers may include plants, wood, or leaves. There’s a huge collection, so if you’re interested in checking out the price – click here.

Gender Ratio

One way of keeping a fairly calm environment would be by keeping track of your gender ratio; female dart frogs who are looking for a male are considered trouble.

Tip: It would be preferable to keep your male to female ratio a 1:1 or have more males than females.

if you bought young froglets make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of aggression as they grow older.

Be Observant

Lastly, as an owner – you need to always be observant over your pets.

Tip: Keep an eye out for any changes in their actions, routines, or personalities.

Be careful and observant as you feed them, or clean your dart frogs’ vivarium tank. By paying attention to their actions, you can tell a lot about their current state.

Don’t hesitate in removing one of the dart frogs in case they are acting out or showing signs of aggression towards the other frogs.

You can always make it join a different group eventually.

By following these rules, you can certainly increase the possibilities of peace between your dart frogs.

How Many Dart Frogs Can You Keep Together?

The number of dart frogs that you want to keep together all depends on your paludarium tank.

  • You should have 1:1 gender ratio or more males than males.
  • Your paludarium tank needs visual boundaries to help reduce stress on your frogs.
  • Feed them properly and make sure that there’s no hungry dart frog left behind.

If you can manage all of this, then by all means – keep as many dart frogs together as you like.

What do you think?

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Overall, I hope this article helped you. Please keep in mind that dart frogs are naturally territorial as species, so please be careful and do your research before adding a different kind of species.

When you add a different species, it can cause harm to your dart frogs’ health and increase their stress levels. This can cause harm to them.

Before you make the decision on purchasing dart frogs for your paludarium tank, I would highly recommend that you should plan ahead. You’re going to want your dart frog(s) to live a happy and peaceful life. 🙂

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