How Often Do Dart Frogs Lay Eggs? – This Might Blow Your Mind

When it comes to breeding dart frogs, certain questions can spark. One popular question amongst breeding these creatures is…

How often do dart frogs lay eggs?

Female dart frogs lay approximately five to six eggs every wet season, but there’s much more to it than that.

Before we get started, here are some general information regarding dart frogs you should know:

In this response post “How Often Do Dart Frogs Lay Eggs,” you will learn:

  • the general information about female dart frogs and their eggs
  • their reproduction process
  • tips and tricks when you’re breeding them in captivity

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Dart Frogs And Eggs: Introduction

Like all other frogs, dart frogs also lay eggs. Female dart frogs lay about 5 to 6 eggs, several times every wet season.

However, instead of laying their eggs directly in water, they do it at a safe place.  Most of them will lay eggs on wet leaves.

If you want to understand more about dart frogs and their eggs, then you came to the right place.

In this article, I will discuss the dart frogs’ reproduction cycle.

Dart Frogs’ Reproduction Process

When it comes to a dart frog’s reproduction process, there are five phases that you have to keep in mind.

  • Courtship
  • Mating
  • Nesting
  • Fertilization
  • Development

Phase 1: Courtship 

The dart frog mating season typically starts between July to September.

They mate during the rainy season.

During this season, the make dart frogs have to court the female frog. The male dart frogs go through a ritual that includes fighting with other frogs.

They establish their territory and stay at the same place until the mating season ends.

When male dart frogs try to attract the female dart frogs, they create loud trill sounds.

Phase 2: Mating 

After the courtship is done, the male will mate with the female dart fog throughout the mating season.

Phase 3: Nesting 

After the mating is done, the female will find a safe place to lay eggs.

They lay up to 6 eggs several times throughout the season.

They mostly lay eggs near the brim of wet leaves where there is a bit lukewarm water. The eggs need to be covered only by little water.

Phase 4: Fertilization 

After the female lays the eggs, the male dart frog will go to the nesting place and fertilize them.

They release a gelatinous substance that surrounds the eggs to keep them from drying and protect them from decay.

Phase 5: Development 

The male dart frog will go to the nesting area from time to time to check the safety of the eggs.

After about 12 days, the eggs that are hatched will lead to tadpoles.

These tadpoles need to reach the water so they climb on their father’s back and he takes them into the water.

The parent dart frog takes them to a safe water location and puts them in the water.

After 6 to 12 weeks thy will complete the metamorphosis and develop into tiny dart frogs.

Tips & Tricks When Keeping Dart Frogs In Captivity

There are numerous questions when it comes to learning the topic of breeding dart frogs.

Since they’re one of the most popular types of pet frogs, here are some tips and tricks when raising them.

#1 Understand The Nature Of Patterns 

When you own a dart frog, try to study its behavior and understand its nature and patterns. Trust me, you’ll learn quite a lot from just watching them.

#2 Give Them Proper Nutrition 

Make sure that you’re giving your dart frogs the proper nutrition. When it comes to breeding, you should make that your frogs have the proper amount of calcium and vitamin A.

#3 Cycling 

If you’re going to breed dart frogs, make sure that you’re prepared for it. You can create a breeding season-like ecosystem. Remember to keep the right amount of moisture and humidity. You can use a spray bottle if you have to.

#4 Create A Breeding Site

You should prepare an egg breeding site for your dart frogs. This is where your dart frogs will lay their eggs. Keep the site in a healthy condition. Clean and spray water of you have to. If the eggs are already there, then you should spray it with water to keep them moist/wet.

#5 Taking Out The Eggs 

Once you feel its time to take out your eggs, you can place them carefully inside a container with water.

#6 Waiting For The Eggs To Hatch 

After keeping good care of your dart frog’s eggs, you’ll be waiting until it hatches. When they hatch, you can expect cute little tadpoles. Through time, you’ll watch it grow into your beloved dart frogs.

And that’s how you grow and start an army of dart frogs!

FAQ: Dart Frogs & Eggs

Below are the related questions when it comes to dart frogs laying eggs. If you have any questions that aren’t on this list, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer it.

How long does it take for a dart frog’s egg to hatch?

When it comes to the timeframe for the eggs to hatch into tadpoles, it’s estimated to be between two to three weeks.

How many babies can dart frogs have?

Dart frogs generally lay between 2 to 12, which can average out to 6.

How can you tell if a dart frog is male or female?

You can tell the difference between a female dart frog and a male dart frog by looking at their toe pads. Male dart frogs generally have larger front toe pads.

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