Are Dart Frogs Endangered? – 4 Unfortunate Reasons!

Nowadays, due to the ignorance of people – the population of dart frogs are decreasing year by year.

“So are dart frogs endangered? What’s causing this?”

Let’s give you an idea of why they’re endangered.

Dart frogs are endangered due to:

  • their loss of habitat
  • pollution
  • infectious disease
  • being smuggled

In this article “Are Dart Frogs Endangered,” you will learn about:

  • the reasons why they’re endangered
  • a summary of how it happens for each listed reason

The ecosystem of dart frogs can be fragile, so avoid anything that can cause harm to them. This means that you should never pollute for any reason at all.

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Dart Frogs: Introduction

The population of these beautiful, vibrant, and exotic frogs is decreasing day by day.

I’ll tell you why in a moment. Before we get to the list, let’s give you a quick overview of dart frogs.

Brief Summary

Dart frogs are comprised of two frog families. One is called Dendrobatidae, and the other is called Aromobatidae. 

They are native to South and Central America and are mostly found in the rainforest

Did you know?

There are more than 200 species of dart frogs in the world.

Out of all these species, more than a quarter are in danger.

Some species are listed as threatened, while others are listed as critically endangered.

In the year 2004, dart frogs species was officially declared as endangered. 

Apart from Columbia, many other countries have also listed other species of dart frogs as endangered.

The size of these tiny frogs can range from 1 inch to 2.5 inches.

Although these frogs are poisonous – when they are kept in captivity for too long, they become non-toxic.

Apart from this, there many other significant reasons you should know when it comes to these species being endangered.

Reasons Why Dart Frogs Have Become Endangered

Here are some of the main reasons behind the declining population of dart frogs.

  • loss of habitat
  • pollution
  • infectious disease
  • the smuggling of dart frogs

Let’s go over each bullet point.

Loss Of Habitat

This is one of the biggest threats to dart frogs.

Due to deforestation and clearing of forest land, these frogs have lost a lot of their habitat.

Due to recent incidents like the Amazon forest fire and clearing of the rainforest, many of these frogs lost their lives. 

The rainforest becomes dry and hotter, which leaves these frogs without food and water.

They get trapped and die, eventually thereby becoming endangered.

Pollution In The Environment

Pollution is the second reason for making dart frogs endangered.

Here’s how:

  • The fertilizers used in farming can harm the immune system of these frogs and affect their reproduction cycle.
  • The insects die due to pesticides, which leaves them with no food supply.
  • The water gets contaminated, which kills all their eggs and tadpoles.

Infectious Disease

These frogs can be easily affected by a fungal infection.

Chytridiomycosis is a fungal infection that kills most of the amphibians in the wild.

This fungus was originated in 1938 in South Africa and is responsible for the loss of bio-diversity.

It kills plants as well as animals.

This infection is responsible for killing a vast number of dart frogs.

The zoos and conservation centers have taken an initiative to breed these frogs and protect them from harmful fungal diseases.

These frogs are treated using an antifungal agent to help them fight the infection.

The Smuggling Of Dart Frogs

Dart frogs are exotic animals. They have a high demand in the black market due to their vibrant color and pattern design. 

Most collectors from Europe and America demand dart frogs. They pay a really high amount to collect these frogs. 

These frogs are traded in the black pet market due to high demand.

The smugglers catch them from the wild and stuff them inside tightly closed containers and smuggle them. 

Almost 90% of frogs die during transit.

The poor shipping condition affects their health and causes them too much stress.

This is one of the reasons why dart frogs have become endangered.

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You can help prevent the endangerment of dart frogs. Every effort added together can make a huge impact on these dart frogs’ environment as a whole.

If you have any questions about the endangerment of dart frogs, be sure to post it right below this article.

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