Can You Die If You Touch A Poison Dart Frog?

Since poison dart frogs are generally kept amongst paludarium owners, it has created interests and curiosity from all over the world. For newbies, you might be wondering –

“Can you die if you touch a poison dart frog?”

To answer your question – no you can’t die. While they’re toxic, it doesn’t cause harm when being in contact with humans.

I’ll tell you why!

In this article “Can You Die If You Touch A Poison Dart Frog,” you will learn:

  • what people think of when they hear poison dart frogs
  • whether they’re toxic and harmful to humans or not
  • learning about safety when it comes to these creatures

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Can You Die If You Touch A Poison Dart Frog?

There have been many tales of people touching colorful frogs and dying pretty painfully.

These tales have acquired such cult status that almost every camping trip contains a variant of this story.

However, the truth is far from it.

Poison dart frog or for that matter any kind of toad or frog that is colorful has alkaloid is in their skin which is very toxic. However, simply touching it is not going to kill someone.

Unless the poison dart frog is ingested and the alkaloid gets into the system of the human, chances are, that nothing is going to happen.

But what about blue poison dart frogs?…

Blue Poison Dart Frogs

However, there have been certain cases where the blue poison dart frog has been known to cause pain, stiffness, and cramping for the people that handled it roughly.

This is primarily because these variants of frogs have been known to excrete the toxins from their skin.

What their toxins can cause:

If there is a cut in the hand, the toxin enters the bloodstream and can cause the above-mentioned physical problems to anybody that is in contact with the poison dart frog at that moment.

The Horrific Stories Of People Licking Poisonous Frogs

can you die if you touch a poison dart frog
qimono | Pixabay

There are also stories about people licking the skin of a poison dart frog and experiencing something similar to ingesting heroin or cocaine in their bloodstream.

Don’t try this at home!

Although it is not proven to provide any kind of hallucinogenic experience, a poison dart frog is not a substance of abuse.

Rather, its deadly toxins have the capability of completely immobilizing any person that is foolish enough to lick the skin of the poison dart frog.

If immediate medical attention is not sought, chances are that it could result in fatalities as well.

Maintaining Safety With Poison Dart Frogs

If you do come across a poison dart frog, although very small, it is not harmless.

can you die if you touch a poison dart frog
bowl_of_nicole | Pixabay

You should be well advised to give it a wide berth and simply avoid coming in contact with such a creature if you would want to enjoy your camping experience.

The outdoors can be an enriching experience, gives anybody of valuable insight into how nature works.

However, if someone decides to simply fiddle with it, there are bound to be some bad experiences down the road.

Dealing with a poison dart frog may seem to be extremely easy, and something as cute and small might not be able to seem dangerous to you, but be well advised – it is absolutely impeccable to steer clear when it comes to such a colorful toad.

Advice: Unless you happen to be a certified herpetologist, it is always a good idea to remain far away from any colorful frog that you see in the wild.

Living In The Central or South Americas

If you happen to live in the Central or South Americas is imperative that you understand the danger that these poison dart frogs possess.

Having a simple cut in your hand and carelessly handling the poison dart frog can lead to an immense amount of pain, followed by muscle cramping and death if medical help is not provided very soon. 

So, just to be clear – simply touching a poison dart frog will not result in a fatality, but if the toxins in the skin of the poison dart frog somehow reach your bloodstream, you should get yourself admitted to a hospital as soon as possible.

Never touch a frog in the wild unless you know 100% sure what it is.

You might not have a lot of time left on this planet if medical help is not provided immediately. 

From VivariumTips,

It’s a great reminder that you should always be wary/cautious before making a drastic decision on touching certain frogs. As for poison dart frogs, they’re no harm to humans.

It can cause irritation, so you should always avoid touching any sensitive parts of your body.

Always wash your hands properly once you finish handling a poison dart frog.

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