5 Best Cherry Shrimp For Sale – Online – Fast Shipping!

One of the most common types of shrimp pets is cherry shrimps. You can keep them in aquariums, your jarrarium, or even paludarium.

With various types of vivariums, this article will show you where to find cherry shrimp for sale online!

Finding cherry shrimps in certain cities can be a struggle nowadays due to businesses shutting down from COVID-19.

You got to admit – these shrimps are cute, helpful, and fun to watch. They’re the perfect pet for aquarium owners!

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In this article “Best Cherry Shrimp For Sale,” you will:

  • Get a list of online vendors that supply cherry shrimps

Ready to get started? Let’s go find your cherry shrimps for sale!

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SevenSeaSupply – Amano Shrimp


When purchasing from this SevenSeaSupply online, you can expect 6 Amano shrimp upon delivery. The size of these shrimps will range from 0.5 to 1 inch. These shrimp are great as aquatic pets due to their love for consuming algae.

Don’t forget to test your water before releasing them into your ecosystem. According to many buyers, their Amano shrimps are doing well and compatible with their vivarium tank.

SoShrimp – Red Cherry Shrimp


If you’re in search of red cherry shrimps, SoShrimp provides them in bundles of five. When ordering this, you will receive the red sakura shrimp with moss inside to support them.

With such vibrant colors, it’ll be a great addition to your aquarium. These shrimps will range between 0.25 to 1 inch. Keep in mind that you will randomly receive adult/juvenile shrimps.

SoShrimp – Orange Rili Shrimp


The Orange Rili Shrimp available by SoShrimp is probably one of the coolest color shrimps I’ve seen. When ordering this package, you can expect to receive 10 shrimps that are perfect for your aquarium.

These shrimps will range from 0.25 to 1 inch in size. Before shipping, these shrimps will have moss included for your delivery.

Imperial Tropicals – Cherry Shrimp + Marimo Moss Ball


Imperial Tropicals is another cherry shrimp vendor that’s worth looking into. For this package, buyers will receive 12 cherry shrimps along with 2 Marimo moss balls.

These cherry shrimps will range between 0.3 to 0.5 inches in case you’re wondering.

Generic – Mixed Color Shrimps


If you’re interested in having a diversity of shrimp colors, then Generic will offer you just that. This product will give the buyer 12 random mixed color shrimps for their freshwater aquarium.

No need to worry about your package being damage. Generic makes sure that your order is well protected. If you happen to deal with any terrible situation, then my recommendation to you is that you should contact them.

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