Fairy Shrimp Vs. Brine Shrimp: What’s The Difference?

There are thousands of species of shrimp throughout the world. The two types of shrimps that often comes up for comparison is fairy shrimp vs. brine shrimp.

Why are they compared and what’s the difference between these two?

Let’s find out.

In this article “Fairy Shrimp Vs. Brine Shrimp,” you will learn:

  • The general information of the fairy shrimp
  • The general information of the brine shrimp
  • The differences between the two

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What Are Fairy Shrimps?

fairy shrimp vs brine shrimp
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According to Wikipedia, the scientific name of fairy shrimp is Anostraca. The growth size of these shrimps can range from 6-25 mm or up to 0.98 inches wide and can be as tall as 6.7 inches high.

Fairy shrimps live in:

  • lakes around the world
  • icy lakes such as Antarctica

In the ecosystem, fairy shrimps play a huge role. They’re a food source for bigger animals than them like fish, birds, etc.

The Appearance of Fairy Shrimp

The fairy shrimp has 10 pairs of legs, which is called phyllopods. Their phyllopods are used to help them swim. The color of this type of shrimp depends on the diet, but usually – they’re orange.

There’s been known spotting of other colors of this shrimp species such as green, blue, white, etc.

What Are Brine Shrimps?

fairy shrimp vs brine shrimp
jplenio | Pixabay

The scientific name of brine shrimp is Artemia. The brine shrimp can be found in areas throughout the world like:

  • Saltwater Lakes

No, you cannot find brine shrimps in oceans. Unlike the fairy shrimp, the brine shrimp stays in certain areas to avoid living around places with predators. To do this, they move to water with high salinity, which can be up to 25%.

The Appearance of Brine Shrimp

The appearance of brine shrimps is generally transparent. Their body is divided into segments with up to 19 pairs of legs.

Fairy Shrimp Vs. Brine Shrimp: All The Differences

Now that you got a brief summary of the two types of shrimp, let’s compare the differences. People are constantly comparing the two, so I’ll list the number of differences to help ease the debate between the two.

Difference #1 – Scientific Names

The scientific name describing the fairy shrimp is Anostraca while the brine shrimp’s scientific name is Artemia.

Difference #2 – Locations

The fairy shrimp can be found in cold lakes along with other lakes around the world while the brine shrimp can be found in saltwater lakes.

Difference #3 – Size

Fairy shrimps can range from half an inch to 1-inch long while the brine shrimps can range from 0.3 to 0.5 inches long.

Difference #4 – Can You Keep Them As Pets?

Yes, you can keep both fairy shrimps and brine shrimps as pets!

Difference #5 – pH Level

When it comes to the pH level, fairy shrimps can live in water with a pH level of 7.0 to 7.6 while brine shrimps can survive in water with a pH level of 7.5 to 8.0.

Fairy/Brine Shrimp-Related Questions

fairy shrimp vs brine shrimp
Walkerssk | Pixabay

Do Brine Shrimp’s Eggs Float or Sink?

When it comes to the eggs of brine shrimps, their eggs generally sink when it’s unhatch. When the eggs are hatched, the shells will rise to the top of the water.

Do Brine Shrimps Have Brains?

For the functions of brine shrimps such as consuming food, swimming, and breeding – there is no brain to controls it. The part that controls these shrimps is their local nervous system.

What Do Fairy/Brine Shrimps Eat?

Fairy shrimp and brine shrimp will feed on creatures and plants that are smaller in size. They are opportunistic, so if given the opportunity, they will consume just about anything. This means that they’ll eat bacteria, algae, live creatures if the opportunity comes along.

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