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Diversity is a much sought after quality in any place, and Michigan has plentiful of that.

However, diversity is not only about religion, race, creed, or even wealth, it will also be about hobbies.

For people that like to amphibians as pets, Michigan is a wonderful place for them to source some of the best amphibians that they can keep in their enclosure. 

Amongst plenty of shops that sell such amphibians, Josh’s Frogs stands out from the rest.

In Josh’s Frogs website overview, you’ll get a tour of one of the most popular frog sites.

josh's frogs

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What Exactly Is Josh’s Frogs?

joshs frogs

Well, to be precise there are a lot of factors that go into the creation of Josh’s Frogs into a firm favorite for people that would like to purchase amphibians in Michigan.

Good pricing, reliability in the quality of amphibians, and friendly and knowledgeable staff are just some of the things that make this shop one of the best that you can find in this genre.

joshs frogs

Keeping an amphibian is a low maintenance hobby; however unless you take the first step properly, you are going to falter in this hobby.

For example, if you get amphibians like frogs from dubious shops for a cheap price, chances are that they would not even last a few months. 

You would be heartbroken, and you might end up giving up on this wonderful hobby.

This is the reason why a visit to Josh’s Frogs is amongst for first-time as well as experienced amphibian hobbyists.

History Behind Josh’s Frogs

Josh’s Frogs was started by Joshua Willard, a hobbyist that dabbled in poison dart frogs and was an enthusiast in vivarium since the year 2004. 

It is with his fortitude, dedication to his trade, and the quality of supplies that the shop grew beyond his imagination and turned out to be a wonderful success.

Since then, Josh’s Frogs has been able to employ over 30 people full-time and has one of the largest repositories of captive frogs in the United States of America.

They specialize in having different kinds of tools and frogs from all across the globe.

Animals For Sale – Bred By Josh’s Frogs

joshs frogs

Any amphibian hobbyist worth his/her salt would say that unless they see a wonderful collection of different species of amphibians, they would not set foot in that shop ever again. 

Well, Josh’s Frogs can brag about having the largest collection of amphibians in this part of the world.

These sell various amphibians which comprise of but not limited to poison dart frogs, toads, Pacman frogs, tree frogs, Mantellas, and a wide variety of other frogs as well.

They have Axolotls, geckos as well as invertebrates and insects that can be used for feeding the frogs or keeping it separately in their enclosure.

Habitats & Care Kits

Any reptile, if to be kept within the house, needs to be confined within an enclosure.

joshs frogs

Exo Terra kits on of the best in the market when it comes to proper enclosures for amphibians and reptiles and Josh’s Frogs has a wide selection of such kits that are both affordable and easy to maintain.

However, there is also a wide selection of kits for snakes, frogs, invertebrates, salamander, and newts along with kits for turtles and tortoises that one can choose from. 

The snake habitats are easily one of the most selling products that they have in their shop.

Live Insects & Feeders

To properly maintain a reptile or an amphibian in the house, live insects and feeds are amongst.

However, a lot of people have faced problems when getting their insects shipped for feed, since a lot of them go bad during the shipping process.

joshs frogs

However, Josh’s Frogs have had a lot of experience in this regard and using some of the best methods available in the market, they ensure that the delivery of the insects and feeds would be done directly to your doorstep along with a three days health insurance policy after the arrival of the insects and feed. 

This is one of the most generous policies that is to do with feed for your reptiles and continues to be an effective way for people to garner trust in the shop.

The feed and insects in Josh’s Frogs comprise of Bean Beatles, crickets, butter worms, fly larva, millipedes, praying mantis, rice flour beetles, spiders, and much more.

Honestly, there is a wide selection of products that not only help you to diversify the feed of your amphibian but ensures that they would always have a palate that is always enriched by different insects as feeding options.

Greenery For Pets

joshs frogs

One important factor to maintain a terrarium or a vivarium in your house is to have plants within the enclosure.

Now, unless you have the knowledge about the kind of plants that grow well with the kind of amphibian you are keeping within the enclosure, you can ask the knowledgeable staff at Josh’s Frogs. 

They would be glad to provide you with such information free of charge.

What’s more, with the wide selection of plants and greenery for animals in this shop itself, chances are that you would be able to properly decorate the enclosure without facing much of a hassle.

There are edible plants, plants potted plants about 4 to 8 inches in size, plants that cater specifically to certain species like poison dart frogs, tree frogs, equity frogs and plants for ball pythons as well as Chinese water dragons.

joshs frogs

Even the desert animals like snakes have plants that can help them to associate that enclosure with their natural habitat. However, that is not all. 

There are also plants that can be used for freshwater aquariums, and there are mounted plants for the vivarium that can be used for the reptile enclosure as well.

Plants For People

joshs frogs

Well, if you thought that Josh’s Frogs was only about things for insects, amphibians, and frogs, you were wrong. 

They also have plants and plant bundles that are specifically for human beings.

Different varieties of rare and uncommon plants, plants for your work desk, house plants, as well as plants that can be used to decorate your house are also available.

Even the plants that require low maintenance, which is the holiday plants can be found in the shop.

Maintaining Your Ecosystem With Josh’s Frogs

Maintaining a garden is a tough task, and without proper instruments, you might make the job very difficult for yourself. 

This is the reason why Josh’s Frogs has a wide range of instruments and garden tools that can be used in order to decorate your garden and keep it in proper shape.

There are proper growing supplies and moss that can be used in order to undertake proper landscaping of your garden. Office decor in the form of hanging plants can also be found in the shop.

Pest control supplies, even soil that can be conducive towards the growth of a particular type of plant can be found in the shop.

josh's frogs

Watering supplies like watering cans of various capacities can also be found at Josh’s Frogs. If you want to beautify your garden, then proper lighting is a must.

There are essential lighting supplies that can also be procured from Josh’s Frogs in order to illuminate your garden in the best manner possible. 

Another important aspect of maintaining a garden in your backyard is maintaining a home for birds that like to visit your garden.

There are proper birdhouses for the back yard and enough craft supplies for you to customize the birdhouses according to your liking.

Fairy gardening supplies can also be procured from the shop in order to make your garden a wonderful place for your children to play amongst other things.

joshs frogs

There are also wedding gifts that can be procured from this place for the couple that loves gardening.

The gifts can be customized according to their tastes, so feel free to drop by at Josh’s Frogs to get something unique for the wonderful couple.

Reasons Why People Love Josh’s Frogs

While there are numerous other reasons why people love Josh’s Frogs, here are the four that I’d like to mention.

  1. Customer Service
  2. Healthy Animals
  3. Proper Education
  4. Family-Friendly Company

Let’s go over the list of reasons.

Impeccable Customer Service 

Josh’s Frogs have always provided the best customer service in this industry catering to people that require pets. Timely delivery, proper communication through voicemails, chats, and emails along with ensuring each and every customer gets a proper price for the product that they purchase are amongst some of the most important attributes of the people working at Josh’s Frogs.

Healthy Animals

Due to the fact that only captive-bred animals are procured and sold by Josh’s Frogs, it is guaranteed that they have proper health checkups and only the best quality feed is provided to them. There are no wild creatures caught and sold simply because it leads to the exploitation of that particular species in wildlife.

Proper Education

Education is the bedrock of Josh’s Frogs, and the personnel at Josh’s Frogs legs to educate people on the proper etiquette and care associated with animals and pets. There are various outreach programs started by them and routine talks are also provided by them on how to take proper care of amphibians and reptiles purchased from them.

Family-Friendly Company

In this current age and time, maintaining a proper serviceable website that can take orders and deliver them within time is a wonderful achievement, and Josh’s Frogs have been at it for a long period of time. They also contain a large inventory of insects and feeds along with captive animals that can be purchased through their website as well.

What do you think?

You can visit Josh’s Frogs and check it out for yourself!

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