LLLReptile Review, Locations, & Walkthrough (2021)

Are you an avid reptile-keeping hobbyist or a new pet parent trying to work around it?

If your answer is yes, then you might know that this is an exclusive hobby and isn’t as popular as, for example – keeping a dog or a cat as a pet. 

You’re about to find out in this LLLReptile review and learn much more about this company!

Due to this being a niche market of sorts, it might be difficult for you to find the perfect animals and their supplies so that you can take part in raising them as pets and properly taking care of them.

This is quite a nuisance and can cause some people to give it up completely. 

lllreptile review

But what if I were to tell you that you can browse through an endless variety of animals to choose from and have them delivered right to your doorstep? 

You might think that I’m crazy, but I’m actually here to tell you this is all possible through LLLReptile. 

LLLReptile is one of the biggest reptile suppliers in the US. 

They have a wide assortment of animals present from reptiles to amphibians and even critters. They also have a huge array of supplies as well so that you can easily take care of and maintain your new pet without any hurdles or difficulties. 

This company was established in 1996, and since then, they have had thousands of loyal customers that have stuck around.

lllreptile review

Their highly trained staff, excellent selection of animals, and their high-quality equipment, along with their years of experience, are what have made them quite successful. They get orders not only from the US but also internationally. 

They established their brand with the sole purpose of aiding the reptile-keeping hobby and making it a mainstream thing, so people don’t think of it as a taboo. 

In this article, I’ll give you an overview and a tour of what LLLReptile is all about.

I will walk you through what they have to offer and also their pros and cons so that you can easily decide if you want to do business with them.

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What Is LLLReptile & Supply?

LLLReptile is a company that offers a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, and critters. They claim to have one of the largest varieties of reptiles in the US, along with their feed, enclosures, and necessary equipment required to take care of them. 

They specialize in these products and have been serving customers for a very long time, making them quite experienced in this field as well. They provide the top quality service that you desire at amazingly low prices and make you their number one priority. 

LLLReptiles also offers a huge array of supplies for their reptiles. These supplies are essential to maintain and take care of your reptile friends. They are available 24/7 and have multiple contact solutions for you to use anytime you want their services.  

lllreptile review

LLLReptiles keeps you updated with the current stock and new arrivals through their interactive website. They have every reptile you might want under the sun. Ordering from them is as easy as ABC as LLLReptile makes the process hassle-free and user-friendly.

How To Order From LLLReptile & Supply?

The process of ordering from LLLReptiles is pretty straightforward. There are a few simple steps through which you can get your reptile friends to your doorstep in no time.


Step 1: Open up the URL tab on your browser and enter in lllreptiles.com and load the website.


Step 2: Click the “Shop” tag on the home page and look through the never-ending variety of reptiles, amphibians, and critters to find the one you like. 


Step 3:  Just press the “Add to Cart” prompt beside the item you want to purchase and checkout.


Step 4: Proceed to pay for your purchase and wait a few days to meet your new pet.

Everything Available On LLLReptile & Supply

LLLReptile offers a wide variety of animals and their feed, enclosures, and proper handling equipment.

lllreptile python

They are truly one of the biggest retailers in the US in this market, as their inventory seems unbeatable. I will give you a quick overview of what they have in stock in their ever-growing list of items:

List of Animals

  1. Ball PythonThey are one of the most popular snakes found in the world. These Ball Pythons also come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  2. Other PythonsThese consist of old-world constrictors, which vary in size and proportions. These are great pets and are very great to look at as well because of their wonderful stature and design. Many types are available at LLLReptile, such as erotic pythons, blood pythons, carpet pythons, and green tree pythons, etc.
  3. Boas and AnacondaBoas are available in a huge array of shapes, sizes, and arrangements. You’ll find any type here, ranging from a green anaconda to a rosy boa.
  4. Cornsnake and RatsnakesThese snakes are great for new reptile owners due to their small form factor and easy maintenance. They come in multiple colors, designs, and patterns. LLLReptile has a great selection, ranging from babies to full-grown adults available for you to purchase.
  5. Kingsnakes and MilksnakesThese snakes are small to medium-sized snakes which are available in some of the most vibrant and eye-catching colors and patterns out there. The King and Milk snakes are great pets for beginners and also for the hobbyists as well.
  6. Bullsnakes, Pinesnake, Rear-Fanged, and Other SnakesMultiple snakes, including Bullsnakes, Pinesnakes, and Rear-Fanged snakes, are available at LLLReptile for you to buy.
  7. Bearded DragonsDue to their calm personality, wonderful vivid colors, and easy maintenance, these Australian lizards are extremely popular among individuals. Bearded dragons are moderately sized creatures, and LLLReptile has multiple bearded dragons available with a variety of colors and shades.
  8. ChameleonsChameleons have always been a top seller in the reptile market. This is because of their unique and impressive attributes and qualities. They are thought of as some of the world’s most beautiful lizards. There are chameleons for sale at LLLReptiles for any level of reptile-keeping experience so that you can find the perfect one for yourself.
  9. Monitors and TegusTegus are South American lizards that make great pets as they can be easily tamed. They are quite large lizards as well, whereas monitors are medium to large lizards that belong to the Varanidae family.
  10. Other LizardsAt LLLReptiles, you can find many other types of lizards, such as skinks, water dragons, uromastyx, and more.
  11. Leopard GeckosThese are also one of the most popular reptiles available on the market. They are unique as their leopard-like patterns make them great display animals. Leopard geckos make great house pets as well.
  12. Other GeckosYou can find geckos at LLLReptiles from different and diverse areas all around the globe, from deserts to tropics; you can find almost every gecko on LLLReptile. Multiple different species are available, which range from morphs and designs such as uroplatus, crested, and day geckos, etc.
  13. Tortoises and TurtlesTortoises and turtles make great pets for people of all ages as they are easy to take care of and are mostly vegetarian as well. Multiple types of tortoises and turtles are available on LLLReptile for every level of experience in this field.
  14. Dart Frogs and MantellasDart frogs and Mantellas are one of the most eye-catching creatures out there. They are known as the jewels of the rainforest. They are small, diurnal frogs that display every color of the rainbow ranging from cobalt blue to neon orange. There are multiple types to choose from. The dart frogs and Mantellas make great showcase animals in your home as well.
  15. Frogs and Other AmphibiansAt LLLReptile, you can find a huge array of frogs, toads, and various other amphibians to choose from; they are also available in many rarities. Frogs are great beginner pets and are perfect for the avid hobbyist as well.
  16. SpidersYou can find the perfect spider friend for yourself by browsing through the huge collection available at LLLReptile.
  17. Bugs and CrittersIf you are looking for any type of bugs, then LLLReptile has you covered as they deal and specialize in scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, roaches, and crabs, etc.

If you want to learn more about certain animals or if you want to look into purchasing a pet for yourself, then head on over to the animal section of the website.

List of Supplies

lllreptile reptile supplies

LLLReptile has almost every supply you can think of in their arsenal. They deal with all sorts of animals, and this means that they have the perfect equipment, feed, and handling means for these creatures as well.

They provide top-notch supplies that are meant to last and aid you in taking care of your animal.

LLLReptile ensures that they will provide the necessary items so that you can easily maintain and take care of your beloved pet without facing any difficulty in the process. 

Due to reptile keeping being a niche interest, there is a shortage of materials for these kinds of animals, but rest assured LLLReptile has you covered. 

LLLReptile has everything from feed to enclosures to even books available that can help you in maintaining and simulating a natural environment for your pet so that it feels at home.

They also have all the necessary bedding and resting materials you require. If you want to spice up your pet enclosure, then LLLReptile has you covered with their live and artificial decorations and plants. 

lllreptile reptisun

LLLReptile also has all the essential medication and vitamins available in stock so that you can keep your reptile healthy and happy as well.

These are some of the things that they keep in stock:

  • Reptile Enclosures & Racks
  • Heat Bulbs, Night Heat Bulbs, Ceramic Bulbs
  • UVB Fluorescent Lights, Mercury Vapor Bulbs
  • Light Fixtures
  • Heat Pads, Heat Panels, Heat Cable & Rocks
  • Thermometers, Thermostats & Timers
  • Bowls, Drippers, Misters & Humidifiers
  • Terrarium Décor & Live Plants
  • Backgrounds & Waterfalls
  • Living Vivarium Products 
  • Screen Lids
  • Wood Supplies & Manzanita
  • Bedding
  • Canned Food & Diets
  • Vitamins, Medicines & Cage Cleaners
  • Reptile Incubators
  • Critter Keepers & Cricket Containers
  • Aquatic Turtle Supplies & Waterland Tubs
  • Hermit Crab, Betta, Lobster & Aquatic Supplies
  • Tarantula, Scorpion & Other Invert Supplies
  • Reptile Husbandry Tools
  • Deli Containers, Shipping Boxes, Packing Material
  • Rodent Supplies
  • Gift Ideas, Gift Certificates, Etc.
  • Reptile Books & Magazines

If you navigate to the Reptile Supplies section, you can find every supply that is available so that you can make an informed decision about what to purchase for your reptile friend.

List of Enclosures

After purchasing your pets, you can’t keep them open in your home. You need to purchase an enclosure for them so that they can feel safe.

These enclosures should simulate their natural environment so that they feel comfortable and happy when they are living there.

LLLReptile has multiple enclosures in stock, which are designed for different types of animals according to their natural living environments. 

Getting a proper enclosure ensures that your pet is living a stress-free life while still displaying its beauty through the enclosure. 

Here are some of the enclosures that LLLReptile has in stock for you to purchase:

  • Screen Reptile Cages & Chameleon Cages
  • Complete Care Packages
  • Natural Glass Terrariums
  • Paludariums
  • Custom Reptile Cages
  • Other Reptile Cages & Habitats
  • Aquariums
  • Waterland Tubs
  • Reptile Breeding Racks
  • Vision Cages, Racks & Tubs

You can look at all the enclosures available on the website for your animal by navigating to the Enclosures page.

List of Feeds

In order to take proper care of your animals, you need to have the proper feed for them as well. Feed for reptiles may be hard to find, but it is widely available on this website.

They have feed available for all types of animals so that they can thrive in their enclosure and be kept healthy and happy. 

lllreptile feeders

LLLReptile deals in top-quality feed for your pet at reasonable rates. You can find all types of feeds for different animals according to their natural diet. Here is a list of feeds that are offered for your pet:

  • Crickets and VitaBugs
  • Worms
  • Feeder Roaches
  • Fruit Flies, Springtails & Isopods
  • Cricket & Roach Food
  • Frozen Mice
  • Frozen Rats
  • Feeder Lizards
  • Harvester Ants

If you are looking to buy feed for your animal, then go to the feeders section to find the perfect one for your animal.

List of Reptile Books

lllreptile books

LLLReptile has hundreds of books available in stock so that you can learn everything you need to know about your precious pets. These books range from basic care to veterinary treatment as well. They are famous and renowned books.

These scriptures are compiled and written by experts in this field.

  1. Lizards, Monitors, and Chameleon BooksLLLReptile has a wide array of books on lizards. If you want a book about a specific type of lizard, then those are also available so that you can properly take care of your lizard according to its type and breed.
  2. Gecko BooksIf you are looking to own or currently own a gecko, then you will be pleased to know that LLLReptiles offers all the information you need to maintain geckos. They have books of all kinds ranging from breeding to normal care. You will find everything you need on this very popular and diverse set of lizards.
  3. Snake BooksThis website offers a comprehensive collection of books that cover not only individual species of snakes of all kinds, but also all the general tips and tricks for taking care of your reptile friend.
  4. Turtle and Tortoise BooksLLLReptile has a great selection of titles for a wide variety of turtles and tortoises in their inventory. You will get all the basic information you need for any specific type of turtle or tortoise and also general caring tips. Additionally, you will also find books on general chelonian biology, history, and husbandry as well.
  5. Amphibian Books If you want reading material that tells you how to take care of and breed a variety of amphibians, then this website has you covered. They provide multiple titles regarding frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders, etc.
  6. Invertebrate BooksYou need to check out the great selection of invertebrate books that are available at LLLReptile. These books cover basic care, proper feed, breeding, and perfect environments for either general invertebrates or even specific types of invertebrates, which include tarantulas, scorpions, crabs, mantids, etc.
  7. Medical Books, Encyclopedias, & Misc.If you require books that inform you about the medication of reptiles, then they are available at LLLReptile. You can also find miscellaneous titles and encyclopedias as well. These titles are available for every level of experience, from beginners to avid hobbyists.

If you want to learn more about reptiles and their history, then you can purchase a book on your favorite species by heading over to the Reptile Books section of the website.

The Benefits Of Using LLLReptile’s Services


  • Wide variety of creatures available in stock at their website
  • Prices are considerably low compared to pet stores and other retailers
  • 24/7 customer service available
  • Only $3.99 shipping for orders over $75
  • International shipping is available for certain items
  • You can easily find customer reviews on the page so that you are assured that they are trustworthy and safe to buy from
  • The animal list is updated frequently 
  • There are a lot of supplies, enclosures, and feed to ensure that your pet can be properly kept healthy and maintained 
  • Interesting articles present on the website which will be a great read for visitors


  • The website design seems a bit outdated
  • You are not able to see the exact animal you are going to buy so there might be some variations
  • International shipping is available but is a hassle for customers abroad

Key Pages You Must Visit

Before you decide to purchase a product from LLLReptile, you need to visit a few pages in order to get a better understanding of what you are spending your hard-earned money on and if it is worth it.

After this, you can decide if you want to go through with the deal or you want to take your business elsewhere. 

lllreptile history

If you would like to know about what the company is all about and their history, then visit the About section.

Are you unsure of the website and its services? You can check out all the customer reviews and testimonials so that you know what you are getting yourself into. Here’s a mini screenshot of what you can expect:

lllreptile reviews

If you are located in the US and want to make a purchase from a physical outlet rather than shopping online, then you can visit one of their six outlets by looking at their locations.

If you have any query or question that is unanswered, then you can contact the company anytime you want as they offer 24/7 around the clock customer service.

LLLReptile & Supply Locations


  • Address: 214 E Grand Ave
    Escondido, CA 92025
  • Phone Number: (760) 735-8445

Las Vegas

  • Address: 8450 W Sahara Ave #105
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Phone Number: (702) 776-7680


  • Address: 30145 Antelope Road Suite 101
    Menifee, CA 92584
  • Phone Number: (951) 566-5400


  • Address: 700 Seagaze Drive
    Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Phone Number: (760) 439-8496


  • Address: 8738 West Cholla Street Suite 4
    Peoria, AZ 85345
  • Phone Number: (623) 440-1132

San Diego

  • Address: 6628 Mission Gorge Rd
    San Diego, CA 92120
  • Phone Number: (619) 280-7387

From VivariumTips,


LLLReptile is an amazing website that provides top-notch services to its valuable customers. They provide an endless variety of animals and their supplies at very affordable rates. There might be some better options out there, but this website is surely hard to beat. 

If you are in the market for a reptile, amphibian, or critter, then you should check them out. If you feel that you don’t want to purchase live animals online, then you can visit LLLReptile physical stores in over six locations around the US. In the end, it’s up to you as to where you want to make your purchase. But hopefully, our review and walkthrough have made it easier to find what you are looking for. 

If you’re currently in the market for other reptile items, check out:

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