Exploring The Planted Tank Forum For Vivarium Enthusiasts!

You’re here because you’re probably wondering if it’s worth using Planted Tank Forum. Fortunately for you, this guide will cover the important aspects of the forum.

If petting aquatic animals are your hobby, you may encounter some problems once in a while regarding their care and maintenance of tanks. You may have several questions regarding how you can better take care of your pets and provide them with a good environment to live in. Or you may just want to tell other people what kind of tanks you have and what other people in the community are doing.

This keeps you updated on the newly emerging trends and technologies. So it is always better to discuss these things with other people and the online community is extremely helpful in this regard. Planted tank forum is a very nice place to gather a lot of information and have some very nice tips and tricks to better maintain and expand your tank.

the planted tank forum

In this article, we have provided you details of this awesome forum that will help you out in everyday problems that you may encounter and maybe even some problems which you are unaware of and don’t know how and what to ask. 

It also has some tips and tricks on how to have your voice heard on the forum much more quickly and the dos and don’ts of planted tank forum.

How Is The Planted Tank Forum Helpful?

The Planted Tank forum will help you with a lot of things. From picking the best shrimp to maintaining the pH of your water, the community will answer most of your questions and help guide you.

the planted tank forum

The following are some things you can expect to find answers on the Planted Tank Forum.

  • If you are a beginner and you want to have a planted tank, then you will find a lot of information and live ongoing discussions on this topic. These threads are filled with some experts who have years of experience in this industry and some of them have their shops as well.
  • If you are a novice you may encounter the ‘algae problem’ which is very common and is caused by abnormal lighting. If you have fishes you may want to highlight them for display, but it may encourage the growth of algae, so balancing the lighting conditions is a daunting task and each of the scenarios is different. You will find satisfactory and detailed tips and tricks on how to do this step by step.
  • As a novice, planting aquarium can be a cumbersome task and you must know the dos and don’ts of it. Even experienced professionals sometimes get into a rare problem and most often they consult this forum to see if someone else might have encountered the same problem and if he was able to find a solution. In this type of collaboration, it gets more than easy to find a solution to a problem that has been driving you nuts.
  • Lighting up a tank is also a work of art and can have repercussions as well. Adequate lighting can cause your tank to flourish while imbalanced lighting can cause your tank to appear dull and dirty. On this forum, you will find the best possible lighting solutions for your tanks.
  • Nitrate salts are a good catalyst to speed up plant growth. If you think that your nitrates are getting wasted or something else in the tank is consuming your nitrates, then you can expect to find a solution here. These salts are essential for a lush green tank and shouldn’t be left untreated if they are unused for some reason.
  • Imbalance of essential nutrients, above the charts pH, and lighting – all of these can cause plants to melt away. The bad thing is that there can be multiple causes for that and only after diagnosing the cause can it be cured. On the Planted Tank Forum, some experts can analyze your problem and can provide you with the best possible solution most of the time.
  • If you are somewhat experienced and you need to transition to a high-profile aquarium, then you are going to need assistance. You can go to the Planted Tank forum and ask them questions on how to do it and can learn from other people’s experiences as well. That helps you in better analyzing your situation and comparing it to how it went for some other person.
  • If you are concerned about tank hygiene, then there is no better place to go than the Planted Tank Forum. These experts will provide you with some rare techniques to clean your tank more efficiently and prevent it from getting ugly. For example, the problem with white bugs that sometimes appear on the tank top or fungus that is at the bottom and is making unwanted gases in the aquarium.

The Planted Tank Forum Walkthrough Navigation Bar

When you first open the site, it greets you with a pleasant-looking yet simple to use the navigation bar. It has a Home button, the Forum tab, Active Topics, Today’s Posts, Gallery, Other Resources, and the option to register. More on this coming.

the planted tank forum navigation bar

Just across it is an integrated search bar that you can use to search a specific topic in the forums. Below that you will find the option to log in or directly sign in from your Facebook.

Forum Tab

When you hover over the Forum tab, you get three more options in the drop-down menu:

  • The Planted Tank information
  • General Planted Tank forums
  • Specific aspects of a planted tank
  • General forums
  • Other vendors

The Planted Tank information has general information and important updates and announcements. You will see these available mostly as sticky notes and you can also see how many views the post has and the number of replies it had.

The general Planted Tank forums section has further options. It has different forums that have discussions on general topics like information on ponds, reptile pets, FAQs on the planted tank, etc. The local pet stores section shows the stores and their location classified by their respective states. It will also show the best clubs and conventions in those states. It also has separate sections for low tech forums. For example, if you want to have a list of the best low light plants, or learn about tank cycling, you can visit this section.

The planting nano tanks section has all the information regarding nano tanks like the basics of a nano tank to detailed installation and much more. You will also find tank journals and photography sections available here as well that other forum contributors use to share their own work with the people.

Active Topics

Active topics contain all the currently active topics and hot discussions. The good thing is that it keeps that post higher which is rated high and has the most views. This enables you to find the most relevant and the most discussed issues here. It is a genuinely nice place to find the most common problems encountered by tank keepers. For example, questions about phosphate kits always remain on the front page.

Today’s Post

Today’s Post section will host all the posts that were posted on the day you are visiting the forum. This helps you get updated posts from the forum and even something related to your problem as well.


The Gallery has all the pictures submitted by people from all over the world. Most of the pictures are of their builds. This a place where you can get ideas of making your own build. The images are classified into equipment images, images of fishes, general images, invertebrates, plants, tanks, etc. You can even sort out images based on how many views they got.

Resources Tab

The first option in the Resources tab is to visit the old homepage. If you are used to the old interface, then this is a really helpful link at the main page of the forum. My Plants allows you to add a profile of the plants you currently have. You can add their picture and description in this section. Similarly, you have a separate section for fishes and your tanks as well where you can store the data of your fishes and tanks.

The Articles section has a collection of knowledgeable scholarly articles. For those of you who want scholarly articles on different topics with an in-depth analysis and awesome opinions, this is the place where you need to be. The community will keep on engaging with you until the solution to your problem has been found. If you think that your plants are behaving strangely or are melting away, then these are exactly the people you need to consult. They are most likely to find a cure for that.

The Articles section has its own navigation bar where you can modify and filter out your searches. The navigation bar has a separate section for plants, fishes, tanks, gallery, and links to other forums as well.

Recent Discussions

There is a separate section on the right side of the main page that houses all the recently active discussions. It is a nice place to keep yourself updated on newly emerging technologies and trends.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips on how you can better utilize the Planted Tank forum and make it a better place. These are some of the most commonly used abbreviations used on this forum. Understanding these will help you in better understanding the replies of contributors.

Helpful Acronyms

Common Aquarium Acronyms

  • CF – Compact Fluorescent 
  • EI – Estimative Index 
  • HO – High Output 
  • HOB – Hang On Back 
  • K or K+ – Potassium
  • LFS – Local Fish Store
  • NH3 and NH4 – Ammonia or Ammonium

Common Abbreviations

  • CAE – Chinese Algae Eater
  • CRS – crystal red shrimp
  • HC – Hemianthuscallitrichoides
  • HM – Hemianthusmicranthemoides
  • RCS – red cherry shrimp
  • SAE – Siamese Algae Eater

Forum Abbreviations

  • FWIW – for what it is worth
  • FWIU – from what I understand
  • IIRC – If I recall correctly
  • ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

The Planted Tank Forum Rules

The forum rules are updated regularly and are located at the topmost thread on the main page in the important updates and announcements section. Here are the rules:

1) No Spam or Self-promotion on the forum

Do not self-advertise your products on this forum. These are considered spam and your post will be deleted immediately if you do that. This can undermine your credibility as an honest learner who is there to have a solution to his problem. Remember, the sole purpose of this forum is to help people and have an engaging community and not sell products.

2) Asking for contact info

This is a big no-no and if you do that your account will be banned permanently and your posts will be deleted. Never ask for a phone number or address from somebody.

3) Posting copyright material

Posting copyright material is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban as it is a violation of legal rights.

4) Offensive posts and images

Any kind of material that explicitly or implicitly states or has the inclination that states anything that amounts to defamation, abuse, racism, sexual obscene content, and discriminatory comments is forbidden. You may get sued for doing that.

5) Do not PM users

Never send private messages to the user. If you want help, open up a new thread and ask your questions there.

6) Always remain respectful 

Remember, stay within the ambits of acceptable norms of discussion. Talk with respect and respect will be given to you. On a short note, don’t do anything that you won’t do in your real life. You can also read in detail about the rules and regulations here.

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The Planted Tank forum is a place where every problem related to tanks, aquariums, and sea pets that you’re encountering have probably a working solution. They are a community of sincere and dedicated professionals that are more than ready to help you out. Just make sure to follow the rules and you are all good to go.

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