PT2494 – Exo Terra Monsoon Solo Review (2021)

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Amphibians and reptiles kept in terrariums and vivariums often need humid conditions to thrive. The same is true for several plant species which can be stimulated to grow faster and develop better at optimal moisture levels. Our Exo Terra Monsoon Solo review will dissect the features of the said product and help you decide whether you need this misting apparatus for your terrarium or not.

The PT2494 – Exo Terra Monsoon Solo Automatic Misting Machine sprays jets of mist at programmable intervals to create a humid environment. It is suitable for all terrariums and is proven to be quite effective in creating an optimally humid atmosphere. This review will discuss its most notable features in detail and later list them all so that you may be able to make an informed decision.

Programmable Misting Unit for Terrariums and Greenhouses

The Exo Terra Monsoon Solo is ideal for misting and humidifying your terrarium or mini-greenhouse. It is programmable, meaning that you can adjust the duration of misting sessions and the interval between two such sessions based on your preference. The duration can be set anywhere between 2 seconds and 2 minutes, whereas the interval may be set depending on how much humidity you want to create. This programmability means that you can leave your pet or plants alone without any worries, knowing that this automatic misting system will take care of them and cater to their moisture needs.

Terrariums, as some of you might know, are enclosures (mostly made up of glass walls) dedicated to housing reptiles and amphibians. Both of these have seen a rise in popularity as pet choices in the recent past, hence there is a good chance that you’ve decided to indulge yourself in the hobby with a bearded dragon or a tree frog. In that case, you’ll also come to know that these beings thrive in humid conditions; this is true more so for amphibians but also for many reptiles (save some desert-dwelling species). Misting systems, such as the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo, ensure that your pets receive optimum levels of humidity.

The apparatus is also suited for greenhouses, so it will be of use to you if you’re a plant aficionado. Certain tropical plants such as bromeliads, orchids, and moss can benefit from frequent misting as it stimulates growth and breeding behavior. Desiccation or the drying up of leaves is a major issue for plants, irrespective of their type, but this problem is many-folds severe in tropical species. These plants naturally thrive in the warm and humid areas of the world, and such an environment must be replicated to ensure that they thrive even in captivity.

Having the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo by your side can help you create a natural environment for your pet amphibian or reptile, or plants. You can set the misting duration and intervals based on how-to guides for raising species (be sure to check them out first). Never adjust these settings according to your liking but instead do your research on what the specie being housed requires. This feature makes the model highly versatile and suitable for use in several conditions so, no matter which pet you’ve taken on, the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo can help you out.

Dual Spray Nozzle Action and Built-in Reservoir

The Exo terra monsoon misting apparatus can operate with up to two nozzles. These mist outlets are highly flexible and can be pointed in virtually any direction. Additional spray outlets can also be attached; however, that is bound to decrease the output itself, which means that you will have to mist more often. To get an accurate idea of the humidity conditions in an enclosure, you should invest in a decent hygrometer so that you can maintain the humidity with ease. In any case, your terrarium or greenhouse will be uniformly sprayed with a fog-like mist owing to the multiple nozzles (but preferably two). 

exo terra monsoon solo

This misting apparatus comes with a 1.5-liter water reservoir that will keep on running for a while before needing a refill. Consider this: you have to go away for the weekend and it’s completely unavoidable. You can’t just leave your delicate plants or pets all alone because they require constant care due to their moisture needs. Don’t sweat! With such a spacious reservoir, this misting system will continue to function until you get back, with water to spare too. It also saves you from the hassle of filling up the tank from time to time (the process is pretty simple though) and gets the opportunity to enjoy the sight of your pet for a change.

Maintains Optimal Humidity for Plants and Animals

Humidity is one of the most quintessential requirements for housing amphibians or tropical plants. Both of these creatures are highly sensitive to even the slightest drop in moisture; many species are only found in or near a water source – in their natural environment. This is where the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo kicks in and emulates the effects of their natural home range. As the name indicates, this misting apparatus can equal the humidity of the tropics amidst the monsoon season, making it ideal for catering to the moisture needs of tropical species.

As noted earlier, and we cannot stress this point enough, you must ascertain the optimal humidity level for a species first. Once that’s done, set up the device and monitor the humidity level via a hygrometer. Adjust the machine’s misting duration and interval to ensure that optimal humidity is maintained. The machine also excels in offering prolonged misting sessions, and this becomes especially useful when you are not around. It suffices to say that your pets and plants will stay in their peak shape when catered by the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo automatic mister.

Features of the PT2494 – Exo Terra Monsoon Solo

We have discussed some distinctive features of the PT2494 – Exo Terra Monsoon Solo in great detail in the previous sections. Below is a brief rundown of all features that this model has to offer:

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.7 inches (L x W x H)
  • Mass: 3.3 lb.
  • It is easy to install and connect (no assembly required); in case of any trouble, check out the user’s manual
  • It is equipped with two flexible nozzles. You can add more (custom made) but it will decrease the output from each nozzle
  • The nozzles can be oriented in any direction
  • The tubing fits through the closeable inlets featured in all Exo Terra terrariums
  • It is shipped with a 2-meter long cable to be connected with a UK 3-pin plug; an additional 2-meter long cable is available to connect the unit to a transformer
  • The entire apparatus is leak-proof, giving you one less thing to worry about
  • The duration of misting sessions and the interval between successive sessions are both programmable
  • The reservoir can be filled up easily without taking the whole thing apart
  • The apparatus is shipped with a booklet or manual that can help you out if you have any problems while setting it up

Things to Consider Before Buying a Misting Apparatus

Products, though the same, are distinguished by the features they offer to consumers. Exo Terra Monsoon Solo is an excellent option for an automatic misting machine, but what makes it so good? Here are some general features that you should look for when buying a misting apparatus:


Like the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo, some misting machines are compatible with both terrariums and greenhouses. This versatility allows the humidifier to cater to both animal and plant needs. You may even take a step further and put moss inside your terrarium to create a more natural environment and to grow your plants alongside your pets. However, certain models are better suited for one task and you should buy them for that purpose only. 

Programmable and Automated

Some misters have preset definitions for misting at regular intervals. Though this may seem convenient for some as they won’t have to program the machine, there is a serious flaw in this type. Such machines cannot be customized to suit your pet’s needs specifically. Certain animals and plants prefer a fixed range of humidity and perform at their utmost when provided with an optimally humid condition. For such situations, a programmable mister is better suited as it will operate based on your requirements and the needs of your pets. Being automated, such machines will also not bother you by having to monitor them from time to time as they operate independently.

Multiple Nozzles

Though this may not seem like a big deal, having multiple nozzles does create a difference. A single nozzle will only be able to spray a certain area, no more than that. This will create moister areas and others that are not so much in comparison.

To ensure a more homogenous and widespread mist dispersal, you should opt for a machine that uses several nozzles to spray the mist. This will not only fill up a bigger interior with the mist but will also ensure that the mist gradient is stabilized as much as possible, creating an equally humid atmosphere. The only limitation to the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo is that it operates with two nozzles at the most. This is adequate for medium-sized enclosures but if you have a larger terrarium then you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

Expandable Reservoir and Easy to Fill Up

Most people often ignore the storage capacity of these machines, falsely presuming that this parameter is either irrelevant or standard. Far from it, misting machines have different volumes of reservoirs and will use up water at different rates, depending on how you’ve programmed them.

The 1.5 liters or 0.4 gallons volume of Exo Terra Monsoon Solo ensures that the machine will not require constant refills and that it will work flawlessly over the weekend even if you’re away. The tank also does not require to be taken apart for refilling which is another major plus that you should seek in an ideal product.


Misting systems often face leakage problems, especially from the nozzles. This leakage is to be expected (and cannot be avoided forever) at one point but ideally, a product should have the mechanism to preempt such a situation – the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo misting machine does exactly that.

Durable and Affordable

The whole point of investing a substantial sum is to get your hands on something that will last some years before needing replacement. Often, the best measure for a product’s durability is its warranty duration, but in case that is not mentioned, you can always get a quote from the manufacturers. Also, make sure that you don’t buy products that are out of your budgetary limit; instead, seek the features mentioned above in more economic options.

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So is the Exo Terra Monsoon solo right for you?

As with any product, the PT2494 Exo Terra Monsoon Solo automatic misting machine has some limitations. Most notable of these is its limit of 2 nozzles, although you can still add more (via a custom-build or compatible tube), the output will not be the same. If you are willing to forego this, then the model is excellent in every other way. It is simple, requires no assembly, is easy to install, and it comes with detailed instructions in case you can’t figure things out.

The leak-proof design and programmable misting sessions will ensure that your pets and plants never have to face dryness. The reservoir is spacious, able to hold in 1.5 liters of water at maximum, and quite easy to refill, requiring no disassembly for doing so. Best of all, its durable framework and affordable price tag make it a practical option for your terrarium or greenhouse. If you value such features, then the Exo Terra Monsoon Solo is for you.

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